Annie's Triathlon Race Day Tips

by Annie Crawford AM 27 Feb 2017

Congratulations amazing Can Tooers! You have done the training, faced your fears and you have made the difference — you are ready to race!

In the lead up to race day sometimes nerves can get the better of us, that’s why I’ve put together my top tips to help you prepare, stay motivated and of course have fun at your goal event!  

1. Get Organised the Night Before

Lay out all of your gear the night before — Can Too swimsuit, dependable goggles (x2), sunscreen, drink bottle, towel, riding gear, running gear — plus whatever else you need!! Make a list and get it all sorted the night before. Don’t forget your race belt!

2. Get Ready for an Early Rise

Get up in plenty of time so that you are not stressing out. Make sure you are at the event at least 20 minutes before you need to check-in to get your cap, timing chip/stickers and number. Then it's off to get set up in the Transition area!

3. Breakfast as Usual

Don’t experiment with breakfast choices on race day, stick with something that works for you. Generally something light with a good mix of carbs and some protein works well, you should know what works for you by now!

4. Go to the Bathroom

Try and flush out your system before the race (number 2). I drink coffee before a race, but other techniques work for other people.

5. Don't Miss the Coaches Briefing

Be ready for the coach’s briefing and warm-up to clear the jitters, get acclimated and prime the engine. Your coach will let you know what the conditions are like on the course, plus we all unite for a Can Too photo and group warm up before the race starts.

6. Limit your Sun Exposure

There can be a lot of standing around before the start, especially if you are in a later wave so limit your sun exposure and keep your nutrition/hydration in a good state. A sports drink might be a good idea during this period.

7. Have Several Goals

Sometimes things don’t go to plan! If you have more than one goal on race day you’re guaranteed to be a winner on the day! Remember the journey is as important as the race and you have all been on an incredible journey!

8. Have Fun & Celebrate!

Enjoy your race and cheer in your fellow Can Tooers! Congratulations — you have joined the worldwide club of “Triathletes”!


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