Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers

25 Mar 2021

Thank you to our latest inductees into the Can Too Hall of Fame (HoF) – our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention.

Can Tooers are inducted into the Hall of Fame once they fundraise $5,000 and are subsequently celebrated each time they raise an additional $5,000

We have a new gift for our Can Too Hall of Famers

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Can Too Hall of Fame Honour Board for February to March 2021*

$25,000 Hall of Fame  

  • Angie Stevenson (pictured above centre)           

  • Kim Cook (pictured below on the right)

$20,000 Hall of Fame 

  • Gloria Nicol (pictured below) 

  • Terence Crawford-Smith                  

$15,000 Hall of Fame 

  • Ros Elmslie (pictured further below)                      

$10,000 Hall of Fame 

  • Joanna Byers  (pictured below left next to Orange Panda)                  
  • Philip Dent                      
  • Carolyn Mcilvin                    
  • Michelle Nemec   (pictured further below with previous Can Too Chair Anne Massey)              
  • Christine Napier (pictured further below) 
  • Jacqui O’Donnell
  • Stephanie Smith              

$5,000 Hall of Fame 

  • Helen Adams     

  • Peter Allison                   

  • David Baker                   

  • Larissa Baker Cook         

  • Leanne Bourke               

  • Julia Farleigh                 

  • Martin Gillespie  (pictured below)     

  • Melanie Grafton        

  • Annette Gray                  

  • Tracey Green (pictured further below)      

  • Julia Harley            

  • Bruce Hodgkinson          

  • Verity Hodgkinson           

  • Elizabeth Story               

  • Melinda Harrington          

  • Elizabeth Story   (pictured below as the final HoF profile image)                

  • Rebecca Mills                  

  • Elizabeth Denney-Wilson (pictured below second above final HoF profile image)  

Thank you to all our Hall of Famers for everything that you do to raising funds for cancer research and prevention.

*Valid at time of report generated 22/3/21.