Exceptional Training Program

01 Jan 2020

Exceptional Training Program

Having a goal is always the best way to get yourself motivated to get moving, which is why an exceptional training program is the best place to start. Not all programs are created equal and not everybody has the same goals so it is important to find just the right training program for you. Whether your goal is to run a half marathon, complete an ocean swim or trek across the state, there is a training program for you. Can Too offers a range of training programs and events that can get you moving, no matter where you are starting from. It is simple as registering your interest in an event and we can set you up with the right training program to ensure that you are prepared. With a variety of fitness sessions that will get your body in the condition it needs to be and giving you a supportive atmosphere to get you excited and confident for every session, there has never been a better time to start. We understand all too well how hard it can be to get started, which is why our program has been put together by some of the best minds in the field to ensure that not only will you feel confident in your body but your mind as well.


How to Stay Motivated for Exercise

Some days we wake up and decide that yes, we are going to turn over a new leaf and start moving more. There are plenty of reasons that we may want to start exercising: weight loss, improving overall health, to enter an event or competition or just simply to get out the house and meet new people, what ever your initial motivation to exercise is, it is a lot easier at the start. With a fresh mind, fresh goals and that beginner motivation the first session will always feel the easiest. What happens though when you lose that motivation? Life may get busier, that first round of soreness and fatigue might deter you or you may simply just not feel like doing it. That is completely normal but there are ways to keep yourself motivated for exercise long after the initial excitement wears off. Setting goals is a huge factor. Being able to look forward to something as well as having a way to measure your success can keep you moving, even when you do not want to. Make sure you are setting small goals too - celebrate those small victories. Having a good training program is another way to stay motivated. Rocking up to the gym and just wandering around the weights section or just hitting the trail and running with no guidance can get boring quick. A great training program will keep you focused, give you a guide on what to do as well as having a bit of variety to keep you interested and challenged! The biggest way to stay motivated is to have fun. Do not like walking on the treadmill? Get out into nature! Get some friends involved. Play sport. Take on a challenge, join a group…these are all great ways to keep yourself motivated so you can make exercise a great part of your life.

Stretches to do Before Running

When you have that rush and that motivation to get out onto the path for your run; sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the moment and the feeling. As great as this boost of energy is, it is important to make sure your body is adequately prepared to avoid any injury or unnecessary soreness. This is a why stretching should be a mandatory part of your running routine or training program. With stretching before a run though, avoid static stretching and instead embrace dynamic stretching, which will get the muscles loose and warm so you will be ready to hit the pavement. Frankenstein walk is one stretch you can do, where you start with your feet together and extend your leg out straight and touch your toes with your opposite hand. Repeat on the opposite side and continue this for thirty seconds. Another stretch called an inchworm stretch is a great one too, where you bend forward at the waist, touch your toes and then walk your hands out till you are in a plank. Then walk them back and roll your body up to the starting position. Keep this up for about one minute. Setting aside ten to fifteen minutes before your run for dynamic stretching will get the blood flowing to your muscles so ensure that you make time in your training program so you can avoid any nasty injury or issues from running with stiff muscles.