Let’s talk about exercise… and cancer prevention

22 Jun 2020

By joining a Can Too program you’ve already made one of the best decisions for reducing your risk of breast, lung, liver and bowel cancer. When it comes to keeping cancer at bay, exercise will be your trident; three prongs of active prevention. Here’s what we know:

    1. Multiple studies indicate that exercise protects against certain cancers, most notably bowel cancer. You should build up to 60 minutes of moderate exercise daily (where you can hold a conversation) or 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily (where you are short of breath) to reduce your risk. Split sessions no shorter than 10 minutes are also good;
    2. Exercise greatly aids weight management and being overweight is one of the most prevalent risk factors for contracting cancer, as well as many other chronic health problems. A good place to start is by checking your BMI and waist circumference, then track your changes over time;
    3. By definition, if you’re exercising, you’re not sitting still. If you’re regularly sedentary, that is, you’re sitting or lying down for long periods of time, even if you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise, your health outcomes are poorer. Try standing up every hour or listen to a book while walking.. 


  • getting started is sometimes hard, but regular exercise will improve strength, mobility, medical conditions, feelings of happiness – in fact, just about everything;
  • the key is to make it part of your life and routine. Start small, be regular, set a goal;
  • training with friends is a great way to improve your fitness and social circle.

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