Coach profile Sally Lynch

by Emma Brown 09 Apr 2020

Find out more about our Can Too Strength and Cardio Virtual 10-week Program Coach and Online Presenter, Sally Lynch:

My Coaching qualifications:

Personal Trainer Certs IIV and IV, ANSW level 2 coach, Pose Method running coach level 2,

My Day job:

Part Time running coach, Part Time working for a minimal shoe brand called XERO Shoes.

Where I live:


Where I grew up:

West Wyalong till 7, Wagga Wagga till 17, Sydney ever since.



Why running?

Running really is something I have always done and always enjoyed. I can’t imagine ‘not’ running.

I started little Athletics at 5 years old and never really stopped. Growing up in the country that many years ago there wasn’t much else to do.

I don’t compete much anymore. I run purely for enjoyment and that feeling of been fit.

Why Can Too?

I love how Can Too not only raises money and awareness for cancer research through our participants but also decrease the risk of our runners getting lifestyle related cancers through exercise/running.

Favourite Can Too moment?

Definitely the Berlin Marathon. Running with the team I helped coach from the East and North pods and crossing the finish line with a participant that has completed 4 programs under my coaching.

What’s the most rewarding part of coaching?

Seeing people achieve what they never thought possible.

Motivational quote:

“If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.” 

I’m listening to:

My music taste is varied. At the moment I’m listening to anything from Fleetwood Mac to top 40.

Favourite book:

I don’t actually have a favourite. I do prefer biography/bibliography’s over fiction though. The last book I listened to was Can Too ambassador, Heather Hawkins, book Adventurous Spirit and I really enjoyed it.   

Favourite film:

My favourite movie of all time is Back To The Future 1. I also love 2 and 3 but 1 is by far the best movie I’ve ever seen (at least 20 times)

What I eat pre-race: For shorter races (under 21 km) I have a double espresso and 500 ml of water with hydralite.

For longers runs I have a CLIF Bar and ½ a banana. As well as the double espresso.

Go to meal post-race:

Poached eggs on toast. And another coffee.

My perfect weekend:

Starting with a run Saturday morning followed by coffee with friends and a walk with my 3 year old toy poodle Ted. My perfect Sunday is much the same.

A Talent I wish I had:

I wish I could sing better. Apparently I’m really bad at it! 

An interesting fact about me:

I'm a mad collector. Amongst the many things I collect are antique toys, dolls and teddy bears.