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Let's talk about second (and third) hand...

Wednesday, 8th Jul 20

There are 16 cancers that can be caused by second hand (or passive) smoking. Every cigarette contains 7,000 chemicals that enter the lungs and spread to other parts of the body. 69 of these are known carcinogens. All of these carcinogens exist in second hand smoke.

How you Can Too keep Covid safe

Wednesday, 8th Jul 20

We are committed to keeping our Can Too community safe and are officially registered as a COVID Safe business. Please see some tips on how to make sure to keep safe when we get together for training and social catch ups.

Let’s talk about alcohol… and cancer...

Thursday, 2nd Jul 20

On a per capita basis, Australians clearly enjoy a drink – ranking in the top 30 nations for consumption. But how much should I drink to maintain health?

Summer Training Program

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Summer Training Program With restrictions easing and the sun coming out, there has never been a better time to start a summer training program. Whether you like running, swimming or even both, there is just something so brilliant by getting out, enjoying the warm weather and getting fit all at the same time. With Can Too Foundation, we know that it can be a little bit hard to shake off that winter stiffness but we have a range of training programs to help you get back into it. We train participants for a multitude of run and swim events so we are sure to have a training program what will suit you and get you fitter and healthier than ever. The best thing about training with us for an event? Not only are you doing something great for yourself and your health but you always have the opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for cancer research. From one-kilometre swims, half marathons and even run to swim events, there are plenty of opportunities and incentives to get training for. Check out our events and get in contact with us so we can help you with a summer training program that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, while raising money for a good cause.

Let’s talk about fruit and veg… and ...

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Fruit and veg are thought to help protect against cancer both directly through a combination of nutrients which form anti-cancer agents, and indirectly by helping to maintain a healthy body weight. Fruit and veg are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help to protect your body against cancer. They are also rich in nutrients and low in kilojoules and are therefore great food choices if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight.

Let’s talk about your skin... and canc...

Wednesday, 1st Jul 20

Overexposure to UV radiation causes more than 95% of skin cancers. Many people believe that if you have a skin cancer removed, it’s gone, however secondary cancers can form in your bones, your lungs, your heart or your head. While it’s important to have skin cancers surgically removed early, preventing them from occurring is vastly preferable. Another common misconception is that we need exposure to the sun to get the Vitamin D we need for good health, however incidental exposure outside of peak UV periods is sufficient for most people to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels.

6 Winter Running Tips From Melinda Gains...

Tuesday, 30th Jun 20

As the mercury dips and temptation to take your foot off the exercise pedal increases, Can Too Ambassador and former Australian Olympic sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor says it’s the ideal opportunity to combine your fitness goal with finding a cure for cancer.

Let’s talk about processed meat… and...

Monday, 29th Jun 20

Let’s be clear - smoking is more likely to result in cancer than eating processed meat such as frankfurts, bacon, salami and ham, however there is strong evidence that both cause cancer in humans. Processing enhances flavour and preservation through the addition of preservatives (salt, nitrite or smoke) and/or other additives (phosphate, glutamate or ascorbic acid).

EOFY – the best time for giving

Thursday, 25th Jun 20

The End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching on 30 June. So this week is the ideal time to reach out to your networks for a donation. If you’re not registered in a Can Too program you can save donations for future goals.

Let’s talk about your bowel… and can...

Wednesday, 24th Jun 20

Bowel cancer is the second deadliest cancer, killing more Australians than breast cancer and melanoma, but isn’t as widely talked about. By joining a Can Too program you’ll make one of the best decisions for reducing your risk of bowel cancer but don’t stop there.

Let’s talk about exercise… and cance...

Monday, 22nd Jun 20

By joining a Can Too program you’ve already made one of the best decisions for reducing your risk of breast, lung, liver and bowel cancer.  When it comes to keeping cancer at bay, exercise will be your trident; three prongs of active prevention. 

Track Talk – a Beginner's Guide to Run...

Monday, 15th Jun 20

Learning how to run may sound pretty simple and with the help of our experienced, qualified Coaches — it is! Sometimes, however all the track talk can be a little confusing — especially if you’re new to running. To help you understand run jargon, we’ve put together a list of running definitions our Coaches use, so next time your Coach tells you to Kick, you don’t bruise any shins or egos. 

Discover what drives Can Too Ambassador,...

Friday, 12th Jun 20

You can join our Can Too Ambassador, Heather Hawkins, an ultra-marathon champion and ovarian cancer survivor to Run into Spring.

Can Too are running into spring

Friday, 12th Jun 20

The great news is that from this Saturday 13 June Can Tooers can meet up for face-to-face training in groups up to 20.

Peanut Butter & Cacao Cookies

Tuesday, 2nd Jun 20

Rebecca Warren's Top 5 Nutrition Tips fo...

Monday, 1st Jun 20

As a previous participant and big-time Can Too supporter, I have designed these nutrition tips to help you along your Can Too journey.

How you CAN TOO conquer a half marathon

Monday, 1st Jun 20

The first thing to keep in mind when building up to a half marathon distance is to not do it too quickly, says Can Too coach James Constantine.

I want to grow up in a cancer-free world

Monday, 1st Jun 20

Sadly Cancer is a major cause of illness in Australia — there are over 1 million people in Australia who are either living with or have lived with cancer. Your fundraising will benefit 11 cancer researchers this year who are committed to finding better ways of treating and preventing cancer.

Annie’s Gratitude Challenge – what a...

Thursday, 21st May 20

Can Too Founder Annie Crawford remined me recently during a virtual staff meeting of the transformative power of gratitude.

Together we Can Too achieve goals that o...

Tuesday, 19th May 20

Together we Can Too achieve goals that once seemed impossible with the Great Australian Cross Country Challenge

7 ways you Can Too keep your employees m...

Wednesday, 13th May 20

During these difficult times where workplaces are increasingly fragmented and individuals are faced with unprecedented social isolation, it has never been more important to focus on employees’ physical and mental health.

Our gift to you – a free virtual 4-wee...

Wednesday, 6th May 20

Our gift to the Can Too Community - a free four-week virtual wellness program designed for Can Tooers who want to stay active and hit the ground running when it comes time for their next Can Too program.

Rebecca's Healthier Nut & Seed Muesli Ba...

Friday, 1st May 20

A healthier version than what you’d find in the supermarket, but does still contain some sugar. In small amounts our body shouldn’t have a problem converting sugar to energy especially since it’s well balanced with healthy fats and protein from the nuts and seeds.

Give the gift of Can Too to a friend in ...

Thursday, 30th Apr 20

We are grateful to you and your sponsors for supporting Can Too and we want to give back.

The Can Too Community Spirit Awards

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Thank you for celebrating our stars amongst stars The Can Too Community Spirit Awards full list of recipients and nominees

Why I Can Too By Kieran Gallagher

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Find out what inspired Kieran to be part of Can Too.

Our Strength and Cardio Virtual Program ...

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Our Strength and Cardio Virtual Program Pod 3 is now open.

Vegetable Frittata

Tuesday, 28th Apr 20

Spotlight on Can Too Coach Beth Croft

Monday, 27th Apr 20

Find out more about our Strength and Cardio Virtual program Coach Beth Croft

Message from Can Too CEO Peter McLean

Friday, 24th Apr 20

I would like to share with you how the Can Too Foundation is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. To update you on how we're supporting you, our community to keep physically active, connected and where to find support.

Can Too Stretches You Can Do at Your Des...

Thursday, 23rd Apr 20

See our guide to stretches you can easily do at your desk.

Letter to the Younger Me by Kieran Galla...

Thursday, 23rd Apr 20

Dear KG, be brave, don’t be fearful of the water. Trust in yourself. Mum and dad didn’t mean to scare you, they just thought that you remembered how to swim when they put you in the pool as a 5-year-old.

It’s the perfect time to hop into our ...

Tuesday, 21st Apr 20

It’s the perfect time to hop into our 10 Week – Can Too Strength & Cardio Virtual Program.

A quick guide on strength exercises you ...

Thursday, 16th Apr 20

See our guide to exercises you can easily do at home. They will help keep you focused AND improve your fitness!

Coach profile Sally Lynch

Thursday, 9th Apr 20

Why running? Running really is something I have always done and always enjoyed. I can’t imagine ‘not’ running. I started little Athletics at 5 years old and never really stopped. Growing up in the country that many years ago there wasn’t much else to do.

Everyone Can Too!

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20


Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

Millet is a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates! It is actually a seed as opposed to a grain, has the texture of couscous and because it doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, it is usually much easier on our digestive system. This recipe is also great the next day so think about doing a double batch at dinner and taking some for lunch the next day.

Our gift to the Can Too Community

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

Our gift to the Can Too Community - a free four-week virtual program and Facebook group, with a mix of cardio, strength and mindfulness exercises you can do outside or at home and nutrition tips plus the support of dedicated Head Coach Penny Nolton. You will be able to join the flexible program this week and join in anytime as there's no fixed start or end date. We will also bring you a more extensive 10-week program option with a fundraising component soon. So please stay tuned.

Let's keep moving together

Thursday, 26th Mar 20

Can Too’s coached training sessions may have been paused for now but, here at Can Too, we remain committed to the health and wellbeing of our community.

IWD: Thank you to the women who have gui...

Monday, 9th Mar 20

For International Women’s Day, we asked Jennie Star, who is a Can Too Community Spirit Award Winner and a regular Team Captain and Mentor, to reflect on what the special day means to her.


Tuesday, 3rd Mar 20

Buckwheat is a great source of complex carbohydrates. It is a seed and gluten free and it is also a rich source of rutin – an antioxidant that helps maintain healthy connective tissue (so good for muscles, tendons and ligaments).

Can Too Community Spirit Awards

Thursday, 13th Feb 20

To celebrate the Can Too community we are hosting the Can Too Community Spirit Awards on Thursday 27 February. The awards will recognise outstanding contributions from our community members, in demonstrating the Can Too Foundation’s values – Inspire, Engage, Support and Empower

How big was your swim? The Big Swim: Pal...

Wednesday, 29th Jan 20

On Sunday morning a sea of swimmers wearing orange and black costumes resembled a phenomenon of migrating sea creatures worthy of a David Attenborough documentary. The school of approximately 250 swimmers were mere mortals, whose reason for swimming at Palm Beach and to Whale Beach, was to raise money for the Can Too Foundation which invests in Australian cancer research and prevention.

Congratulations to Annie Crawford for be...

Thursday, 16th Jan 20

The colour orange now pulses through the veins of the thousands of individuals Annie Crawford has coached through her foundation, Can Too..

5 Reasons to Learn to Ocean Swim at Clov...

Wednesday, 15th Jan 20

Statement on Bushfire Crisis

Thursday, 9th Jan 20

Thank you to the Divine Steps Festival

Monday, 6th Jan 20

Many thanks to Sikh Youth Australia for your support of Can Too Foundation as a charity partner for the Divine Steps Festival which raised $15,584 for Australian cancer research and prevention.

Exceptional Training Program

Wednesday, 1st Jan 20

Exceptional Training Program

Welcome to the spring edition of Inspire...

Monday, 23rd Dec 19

Dive into the last edition of Inspire for the year. The theme for this Spring 2019 edition is Face Your Fears, which is fitting as we’re currently immersed in the learn to ocean swim program.

You Can Too win a new car

Friday, 13th Dec 19

Congratulations to Tara MacEachern who won the winning prize in Can Too Foundation’s Annual Art Union Raffle – a brand new car. She drove her new Audi A1 Sports car valued at $41,810 home from Audi Centre Mosman on Saturday.