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Fourth time’s a charm for swimming sis...

Wednesday, 20th Feb 19

Sisters Julia and Claudia Harley are looking forward to show that they Can Too complete a two kilometre ocean swim together -- their fourth time lucky attempt soon. They were committed to doing the Bondi Blue Water Challenge 2.1km swim on Sunday to commemorate the Can Too Learn to Ocean Swim program they’ve completed after suffering a couple of event day setbacks.

Ocean Swimming – It’s All About Rhyt...

Wednesday, 20th Feb 19

Can Too Swim Coach Gary Emmerton shares his wisdom on how to master ocean swimming.

Can Too Run FAQ

Friday, 8th Feb 19

Let us answer your questions about joining the Can Too Run program.

Jodie can do anything with Can Too

Saturday, 2nd Feb 19

Western Sydney resident Jodie Sale credits joining Can Too Foundation with making her say yes to doing things she never thought she could.

Welcome to the first edition of our Can ...

Friday, 25th Jan 19

The theme for our first edition is making goals. Read on to find out how Can Too participant Mark Ellis has overcome debilitating injuries to be able to tackle the Can Too Beyond goal of swimming the English Channel. Find out what our goal events are this year, what the secrets are to fundraising from our featured stars, Dani Lombard's take on the Queenstown running festival and more.

Peter’s Taking On RunWest For Those Wh...

Thursday, 17th Jan 19

When Kellyville resident Peter Signorelli’s wife asked him to do a 9km fun run, his response was: ‘you’re kidding me, I’m lucky if I can run 50 metres from the car to the front door if it’s raining'. Despite never running before he completed the Blackmores 9km Bridge Run in 2012 for Can Too Foundation, which raises money for cancer research and prevention. He has since completed the Great Ocean Road 14km Run, Half Marathons in Sydney and two full Marathons in Queenstown, New Zealand and more for the Foundation.

Can Too Swim FAQ

Wednesday, 9th Jan 19

Let us answer your questions about joining the Can Too Swim program.

Lyndal overcomes ocean fear to show she ...

Friday, 21st Dec 18

When Lyndal Keith joined Can Too to train for a 1km ocean swim in 2015 she was terrified of the ocean. She went on to become a Can Too swimming mentor, completed a 10 km ocean race and her fundraising has kept someone close to her from not just surviving but thriving.

Does your training session have a purpos...

Friday, 21st Dec 18

As a coach, the one fundamental principle I look to communicate to athletes is that of purpose. Purpose is something every training plan should be built upon and consistently referenced week to week.

Message from the CEO - Setting Goals for...

Thursday, 13th Dec 18

What an amazing year! Hear what Can Too Foundation has achieved in 2018 and what's ahead for 2019.

Why I Can Too - Briony Blackmur

Tuesday, 11th Dec 18

Briony Blackmur recently conquered the 10km plus trail run despite not being able to run more than 20 seconds when she started with Can Too

‘Monthly Swimmers’ reign supreme

Monday, 10th Dec 18

The ‘Monthly Swimmers’ put in an impressive performance to win the annual handicapped relay swim race on Wednesday 28 November at Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College Aquatic Centre. The ex-elite swimmers including Australian Olympian Carl Wilson won by 20 seconds in the 14-person relay team against two Can Too teams.

What to pack for a bucket list adventure

Monday, 10th Dec 18

Trekking the globe are some of the Can Too challenges on offer next year including a Trek to Mt Kilimanjaro with Trip Leader and global adventurer Heather Hawkins. Is such a trek on your bucket list? Heather shares what you need to pack on the trekking trip of a lifetime:

How to conquer RunWest

Monday, 10th Dec 18

James Constantine’s guide to run/walking 12 kms from a 5km base

Trail Running Strengthens the Body and M...

Tuesday, 4th Dec 18

Trail running combines work, rest and play. Can Too Foundation running coach John Doughty and trail running addict explains how running in nature under tree canopies with the accompanying soundtrack of birds allows your mind to have a rest.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs Prescribes ...

Tuesday, 4th Dec 18

Dr Chris van Tullenken set up a no drug clinic at London to treat people with common illnesses without drugs, in all cases the effective treatment was supported exercise.

You Can WIN Shoes With Every Can Too Run...

Thursday, 29th Nov 18

An important start to run training is finding the right shoes for your feet. That’s why, for every Can Too Run training program in the future, there’s one pair of shoes to be won thanks to Brooks Running – the Official Shoe of Can Too.

You CAN TOO Beat An Olympic Swimmer!

Tuesday, 27th Nov 18

"Monthly swimmers' vs Can Too swimmers

Strength And Conditioning Tips For Runne...

Friday, 23rd Nov 18

Can Too run coach Catherine Bolshesolsky shares exercises to be in top shape for the 12Km RunWest fun run.

'From A To Me' Episode 10: Annie Crawfor...

Thursday, 22nd Nov 18

Message from the CEO - Mental Health Mon...

Friday, 9th Nov 18

As October was Mental Health Month with the theme of ‘share the journey’ it was a poignant reminder of why we CAN TOO and how being part of the community is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.

International marathons released

Friday, 9th Nov 18

Our annual survey showed you want greater input when choosing international destinations, and more advanced notice, to allow more of you to join these experiences. In response to your feedback we’ve been asking Can Toorists like you where they want to go on their next fitness and fundraising adventure.

5  Mins With … Matthew Sommerville

Thursday, 8th Nov 18

Matthew Sommerville is achieving a lot of firsts with Can Too, including his first running race - the 12km Jabulani Challenge, his first marathon - the upcoming Queenstown Marathon and he’s also a newly appointed Team Captain training for the Sydney Trail Series 2019. By taking on this role he is a great example of living our Can Too value of support.

Can Too delivers a winning recipe for me...

Thursday, 8th Nov 18

For a wrap up of Mental Health Month Can Too Board Member, Avril Henry details how Can Too delivers on the key ingredients for mental and physical wellbeing.

12 Ways Can Too Boosts My Mental Health.

Monday, 5th Nov 18

Can Too devotee Michelle Nemec shares how she has benefitted from Can Too, especially when times are tough it allows her to defiantly not give in to grief.

Annie Crawford: My Letter To 24 Year-Old...

Wednesday, 31st Oct 18

Dear Annie, I’m writing to you from the future. I want to let you know that everything will be more than OK. I promise you’ll overcome fears and you’ll even learn to enjoy things that currently cripple you with fear.

I Am A Can Too Addict!

Wednesday, 31st Oct 18

Swim program Champion, Lyndal Keith was addicted to Can Too from day one, ‘the warmth, the acceptance, the team work - I was hooked’. She was inspired to join the Foundation as tribute to her ‘beautiful Aunty Ree’ that she lost to cancer, read on for her moving tribute to her.

Fundraising Resource

Wednesday, 31st Oct 18

We've got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you meet your fundraising commitment

I can do anything with Can Too

Monday, 29th Oct 18

Pip Davis pictured centre training for the New York Marathon.

Why I Can Too - Paul Jeffress

Friday, 26th Oct 18

“I Can Too because of how it makes me feel,” says Can Too veteran Paul Jeffress who manages to live very well with diagnosed depression and anxiety.

Can Too Goes West

Thursday, 25th Oct 18

Can Too Foundation is the official training partner and official charity of RunWest - Western Sydney’s first major running festival.

Can Too Foundation celebrate $20M milest...

Wednesday, 17th Oct 18

Can Too Foundation are thrilled to achieve the fundraising milestone of $20 million plus for cancer research and prevention. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey to show that you CAN TOO achieve goals once thought impossible, from running a marathon to raising collectively over $20 million to beat cancer.

How to get a copy of a Donation Tax Rece...

Friday, 28th Sep 18

Message from the CEO – September 2018

Friday, 28th Sep 18

Why I Joined Can Too, A New Participant'...

Thursday, 27th Sep 18

Race Report — Glenbrook Trail Mar...

Wednesday, 29th Aug 18

Message from the CEO – August 2018

Wednesday, 29th Aug 18

Our New Refer-A-Friend Policy (It's Awes...

Thursday, 23rd Aug 18

Annie Crawford's Trail Race Week Tips

Monday, 13th Aug 18

Sydney Ocean Swim, Registrations opening...

Thursday, 26th Jul 18

Warm your winter with some summer news. Last year's Sydney Ocean Swim broke all our records. We supported 416 people to face their fears and learn to ocean swim, fundraising an incredible $628,091 for cancer research and prevention. And it’s nearly that time of year again!!! SAVE THE DATE Registrations open Friday 31 August.

Don’t Let Your Cycling Training Turn Y...

Tuesday, 17th Apr 18

A Can Too-ers Swim to Recovery: A True S...

Wednesday, 28th Mar 18

Welcome to our new Chair of the Can Too ...

Thursday, 22nd Mar 18

Treadmill vs. Track

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

4 Tips For New Endurance Swimmers

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

Challenge Yourself This Year

Wednesday, 14th Mar 18

How to Connect Your Fitness App in Your ...

Monday, 26th Feb 18

Dr Fernando Guimares Makes A New Researc...

Thursday, 15th Feb 18

Overcoming Your Fears: Learn to Ocean Sw...

Wednesday, 31st Jan 18

Starting Standards for Runners

Tuesday, 30th Jan 18