How you Can Too keep Covid safe

by Emma Brown 08 Jul 2020

We are committed to keeping our Can Too community safe and are officially registered as a COVID Safe business. For the latest updates to the status of Can Too training sessions due to the outbreak in Sydney's Northern Beaches please refer here.

Please see some tips on how to make sure to keep safe when we get together for training and social catch ups.

It is great news that due to restrictions easing that we have been able to return to face-to-face group training. However, we must remember to interact safely and keep each other protected as the COVID-19 virus is still in our community, as shown with the large number of cases reported in Victoria.

It is imperative that Can Too’s Health and Safety Policy remains implemented this includes: 

  • If you have travelled from Victoria in the last 14 days, as at 8th July, ensure that you self-isolate and do not attend training. For the latest information, please visit the NSW Guidelines and Public Health Orders
  • Maintain physical distancing between yourself and other participants and members of the public – stay at least 1.5m away from others at all times 
  • Avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses  
  • Practise good hygiene
  • Read our Health and Safety Policy for more information.
  • We can have fun, get fit, reach our goals and connect while still keeping each other safe. 

Running Training Program

Tips for how to keep safe Can Too training

  • Keep 1.5 metres apart at all times – including when running
  • Be mindful to take a step back when attending group training to keep each other safe by giving space
  • If a path or road isn’t wide enough to run 1.5 metres apart when side-by-side, run single file
  • Respect other road/path users – stay 1.5ms apart when passing
  • Bring your own water bottle to training – clearly marked with your name or other unique identifying feature
  • Carry your own water on longer training runs, avoid using public water fountains
  • At post training Coffee/Breakfast meet ups – check to see if the café you are visiting is properly set up for physical distancing if eating in. If not, please consider getting take-out coffee and or food and moving to an area, such as a park, that allows you to maintain physical distance.

 We’re keen to hear how you’re keeping safe please share your physically distance tips with us at:

 See the below poster for everyday simple steps below to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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