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Take on the I Can Too Challenge and you ...

Tuesday, 16th Nov 21

Share your Can Too journey to achieve your goal on Instagram and Facebook and you can win.

Can Too Swim FAQ

Tuesday, 9th Nov 21

Let us answer your questions about joining the Can Too Swim program.

Boost your fundraising with a Can Too Fa...

Monday, 8th Nov 21

We have a great range of Can Too Facebook profile frames to help you promote your fitness and fundraising with your Facebook friends.

5 Tips to Reduce Fear of the Ocean

Wednesday, 27th Oct 21

If you’re scared of breaking waves or feel nervous swimming in the ocean, you’re not alone.


Thursday, 21st Oct 21

Millet is a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates! It is actually a seed as opposed to a grain, has the texture of couscous and because it doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, it is usually much easier on our digestive system. This recipe is also great the next day so think about doing a double batch at dinner and taking some for lunch the next day.

Rebecca Warren's Top 5 Nutrition Tips fo...

Monday, 13th Sep 21

As a previous participant and big-time Can Too supporter, I have designed these nutrition tips to help you along your Can Too journey.

12 Ways Can Too Boosts My Mental Health.

Wednesday, 18th Aug 21

Can Too devotee Michelle Nemec shares how she has benefitted from Can Too, especially when times are tough it allows her to defiantly not give in to grief.

6 Lockdown Running Tips From Melinda Gai...

Wednesday, 18th Aug 21

As the mood dips and temptation to take your foot off the exercise pedal increases, Can Too Ambassador and former Australian Olympic sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor says it’s the ideal opportunity to combine your fitness goal with finding a cure for cancer.

Our gift to you – a free virtual 4-wee...

Wednesday, 4th Aug 21

This free, virtual READY TO RUN 4km program is our gift to you!

Free exercise, mental health and wellbei...

Sunday, 18th Jul 21

We want to make sure that you have resources and advice on how to keep well and active plus where you can find support and keep connected, during these uncertain times with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Please see a range of free exercise, mental health and wellbeing resources to help during lockdown

Spotlight on Can Tooer Lia Zalum

Wednesday, 7th Jul 21

Lia shares how she felt grateful to be able to complete the half marathon at the 2021 Barossa Marathon Festival with Can Too. She describes that special feeling of pushing through the hard stuff and making it over the finish line in spite of the pain along the way, especially after her initial goal the London Marathon was cancelled due to COVID.

Spotlight on Can Too running Coach Cathe...

Thursday, 1st Jul 21

Catherine Bolshesolsky is a running coach for Can Too’s Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 10km program. Find out more about her including her advice on how you Can Too run 10km and experience the joy of running.

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer, Le...

Thursday, 1st Jul 21

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer and first-time participant, Marathon runner Leanne Bourke.

Strength And Conditioning Tips For Runne...

Monday, 28th Jun 21

Can Too Coach Catherine Bolshesolsky shares strength exercises to keep in top shape for running.

Siobhan gets more than just the runners ...

Tuesday, 22nd Jun 21

Siobhan Komander’s Can Too journey started when she was recovering from lifesaving surgery to remove a brain haemorrhage. She went on to become a half marathon runner which led her on a path to rediscovery.

Vice goes Beyond

Thursday, 17th Jun 21

Vice Hazdovac went 'Beyond', to run 165km over 24 hours to raise funds for Can Too in the Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra. Not only that she placed 3rd female overall in the 24 hour ultra run, completing 412 laps of the 400m track!

Check out our Fundraising Resource for t...

Thursday, 17th Jun 21

We've got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you meet your fundraising commitment. Check them out in our updated fundraising resource.

Spotlight on Can Too Coach Mitch Dwyer

Friday, 4th Jun 21

Why do you love running? For me running is a fun and adventurous exercise to be enjoyed with friends. It is a way to improve my health and fitness, whether I hit the road or the trails, I love the free feeling and always finish a run with a sense of accomplishment. Running provides me with a clear mind, a healthy heart.

Can Too's marathon weekend of running fr...

Friday, 4th Jun 21

Thank you to the 115 Can Tooers who painted South Australia’s Barossa Valley and Sydney’s Pyrmont orange on the weekend to raise, so far, $139, 864 to fund cancer research and prevention.

EOFY – the best time for giving

Friday, 4th Jun 21

The End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching on 30 June. So it's the ideal time to reach out to your networks for a donation. If you’re not registered in a Can Too program you can save donations for future goals.

Let's talk about your occupation... and ...

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Cancer from occupational exposure can occur due to prolonged exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) particles within the workplace. As avoiding certain occupations to prevent cancer is a very extreme measure to take and can be quite impossible for some, it is important for these workers to be able to protect themselves properly within the workplace and to conduct regular health check-ups following possible exposure, and in general to keep up with one’s health within a particularly high-exposure environment.

Let’s talk about knowing your body… ...

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Early detection is one of the most effective ways to prevent cancer from progressing to a more serious stage and improving survival. The best way is to proactively know your body and be able to notice changes.

A Beginner's Guide To Blackmores Half Ma...

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Since 2005, Can Too has trained thousands of participants just like you for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

Can Too Coach Matt Joyce’s Recovery ti...

Friday, 28th May 21

Can Too Coach Matt Joyce shares his post-run recovery tips including, hydration, nutrition, sleep, ice and cooling.

7 Training Tips For Your First Half Mara...

Tuesday, 25th May 21

Training for a half marathon – whether it’s your first or your tenth – is as much about the mind as it is about the body. #1. You’re (Probably) Not Running Slow Enough Lots of people end up hating distance running because they go out too hard and too fast. When training for your first half marathon, you need to learn to run slowly, and that’s slower than you might think.

Annie’s dreams came true with Can Too

Thursday, 20th May 21

Annie Kenyon saw her Can Too dreams come true by making it onto the podium in her first Can Too goal event – the Sydney Harbour Splash. Find out what led her on her Can Too journey.

400m To 42km – a First-Time Marathoner...

Tuesday, 11th May 21

Melinda Gainsford-Taylor celebrated years of accolades as an elite sprinter – competing at Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championships – before retiring in 2002. When she decided to train for her first marathon, she turned to Can Too to get her across the line at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

Dreams do come true

Thursday, 6th May 21

Congratulations to the 145 Can Tooers who realised their dreams of completing an ocean swim at the 2021 Sydney Harbour Splash, the 1 and 2km goal event of the Autumn Swim Program. The school of swimmers also excelled in their fundraising efforts to raise $135,000 for cancer research which is more than $30,000 over the original amount pledged.

How you CAN TOO conquer a half marathon

Wednesday, 5th May 21

The first thing to keep in mind when building up to a half marathon distance is to not do it too quickly, says Can Too coach James Constantine.

Bumper weekend of Can Too swims

Friday, 23rd Apr 21

Thank you to the over 60 Can Tooers who conquered the 2021 Balmoral Swim for Cancer and Cooly Classic ocean swims on Sunday to raise over $50,000 for Australian cancer research.

Coach profile Sally Lynch

Wednesday, 21st Apr 21

Why running? Running really is something I have always done and always enjoyed. I can’t imagine ‘not’ running. I started little Athletics at 5 years old and never really stopped. Growing up in the country that many years ago there wasn’t much else to do.

I Can Too give back at the Blackmores Ru...

Monday, 12th Apr 21

People join and stay with the Can Too Foundation for different reasons, often for the winning combination of the health and fitness benefits, having a goal to strive for, the social aspect and supporting cancer research and prevention. For Can Too Mentor, Jill Chambers who knows what it’s like to have cancer, giving back is the main drawcard.

6 Running Tips From Melinda Gainsford-Ta...

Wednesday, 7th Apr 21

As the mercury dips and temptation to take your foot off the exercise pedal increases, Can Too Ambassador and former Australian Olympic sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor says it’s the ideal opportunity to combine your fitness goal with finding a cure for cancer.

Spotlight on Can Too Hall of Famer Chris...

Tuesday, 30th Mar 21

This is the first in a series of spotlights on our Can Too Hall of Famers. Christine Napier is a cancer researcher that was funded by Can Too and has since become a loyal Can Tooer, Find out more about how Can Too inspires her to discover why cancer cells are immortal and how the Foundation led her to discover her happy place

Share your Hall of Fame achievement with...

Friday, 26th Mar 21

Congratulations on becoming a Can Too Hall of Famer. To share your achievement and support your fundraising you can upload a Can Too Hall of Fame Profile Picture Frame to your Facebook account.

Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers

Thursday, 25th Mar 21

Thank you to our latest inductees into the Can Too Hall of Fame – our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention.

Can Tooers celebrate their love of ocean...

Friday, 19th Feb 21

Congratulations to the approximately 200 Can Too swimmers who conquered the 2021 North Bondi Classic on Sunday, to raise over $408,000 for Australian cancer research.

Julia shares the Can Too love on Valenti...

Thursday, 18th Feb 21

Congratulations to ‘JK Swims 1K’ aka Julia Kostenyuk for winning the final instalment of the Post Your Pics to win competition.

Cancer Researcher dives into Can Too’s...

Thursday, 11th Feb 21

The Can Too funded cancer researcher Dr Emmy Fleuren will be swapping her lab coat for a beach towel as she joins the Can Too Autumn swim Program as a participant and ambassador.

Can Tooers sail home to victory at the 2...

Tuesday, 2nd Feb 21

Congratulations to the 250 Can Too swimmers who conquered the 2021 Big Swim and Little Big Swim at Palm and Whale Beach on Sunday, to raise over $300, 000 for Australian cancer research.

Thank you to our latest Hall of Famers

Thursday, 28th Jan 21

Thank you to our latest inductees into the Can Too Hall of Fame – our most loyal fundraisers for their dedication to cancer research and prevention.

My son’s cancer diagnosis changed my l...

Friday, 22nd Jan 21

Teue Collier started 2021 on a positive note by achieving a bucket list goal to run a marathon. This was in stark contrast to last year when her son, Orson, underwent intensive treatment for Leukaemia, which saw her family virtually moving into a hospital ward.

Cooly Classic swimmer thanks Can Too for...

Wednesday, 20th Jan 21

Before joining Can Too in 2014, Leigh Elliott went through a rough time with the breakup of a long-term relationship, leaving her to bring up her 13-year old on her own. It was a struggle, financially and emotionally. She was diagnosed with depression and was put on anti-depressants, which she was able to later wean herself off and bounce back with Can Too.

Can Tooers shine bright at the Run into ...

Thursday, 14th Jan 21

Thank you to the 85 Run into Summer participants for shining brightly to complete their running goals, from a 10km to a marathon, last weekend. The Can Too programs raised over $50,000 for Australian cancer research.

Can Too’s CEO goes beyond

Thursday, 10th Dec 20

Whilst many people for their 40th birthday organise a party, a special dinner with loved ones or head to the pub, Can Too Foundation CEO, Peter McLean, decided to run a solo marathon in summer and raise money for cancer research.

Can Too triumphs at the GC50

Thursday, 10th Dec 20

Can Too’s Run into Summer – Brisbane participants triumphed on Sunday to complete their goal event the GC50 15km run at the Gold Coast.

Thank you Anne Massey

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Thank you to Can Too Foundation's former Chair, Anne Massey, who stepped down from her role leading the board on Tuesday. Can Too Founder, Annie Crawford expressed her sincere gratitude to outgoing Chair, Anne Massey for her incredible contribution to the Can Too Foundation over 10 years, as a participant, Mentor, Team Captain, Champion, Committee member, Director and finally as Chair.

Can Tooers beat Olympic swimmers and can...

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Beating an Olympic athlete in the pool is only a pipe dream for most swimmers no matter how much they follow the black line. However, for a selection of Can Tooers this fantasy came true this week, at the ‘Monthly Swimmers’ vs Can Too handicapped relay race, on Wednesday evening.

Hall of Fame Honour Board

Friday, 4th Dec 20

Congratulations to our latest crop of Hall of Famers. Welcome to the Hall of Fame Honour Board

Running tip of the week

Thursday, 26th Nov 20

Running Technique tip Run like a ski jumper. Running is a controlled fall.