Sydney Marathon 2023

Can Too Training Program 2023

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Become A Marathoner

... and help us cure cancer!

About this program

Step up with Can Too and become part of the city's history as Sydney bids for World Marathon Major status.

This program is for anyone looking to train in a fun, safe, group environment for the Marathon.

On 17 September 2023 you and your Can Too team will tackle the iconic Sydney Marathon with some of the biggest names in world distance running.  

This is an ideal event for anyone with 10km or half marathon experience, looking to stretch themselves and tackle that Marathon distance.

If you're concerned about your ability, please contact us. We'd love to help you set a suitable goal.

Worried about COVID? All of our training is outdoors and we follow COVID-safe practices. If your program is impacted by COVID, our Program Disruption Guarantee has you covered.

Your program registration fee covers our professional coaching costs, venue fees and admin for the full 20 weeks. 

Race registration is payable separately through the Sydney Marathon website.

Training format

This is a comprehensive program with two face-to-face coached group sessions per week plus a full written guide with daily, structured training.

All group sessions are led by a supportive, approachable marathon running coach with extensive experience of taking novices and multiple marathoners to their goal events.

Mid-week interval training typically covers:

  • how to run more efficiently
  • improving core strength
  • proper breathing techniques
  • injury prevention
  • presentations by guest speakers.

Saturday distance runs typically:

  • focus on running form
  • build endurance
  • improve mental focus
  • work on pacing and race strategy.

We’ve been here before – you can trust us to get you to the start and finish lines. 


Fundraising to support cancer researchers in Australia is a huge part of who we are. SInce 2005, our participants have raised over $25 million to fund research.

By raising $1975 you will meet your minimum fundraising commitment and become a Fundraising Star.

If you go above and beyond, you could become a Silver Fundraising Star ($2475) or even a Gold Fundraising Star ($2975)

Session availability



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Location Availability
Kirribilli Open
Northern Beaches Open
Hills Open

We  the Sydney Marathon

... and you will too!

What to expect on race day

We bring all our groups together for a pre-race briefing and warm up with your coach and head off to the start line together.

Hundreds of runners and spectators will cheer “Go Can Too!” to others in orange. It’s going to be a huge boost in tough times.

As you’re cheered down the home straight to the finish line, smiling for the cameras, you’re going to feel like an Olympian. And you’re going to deserve it.

Within seconds of finishing, it’ll get emotional as your family and friends celebrate with you at the Can Too tent in the finisher village. 

You will be a Marathoner Runner! Your achievements are going to inspire others to get involved and to power cancer research.

Step out of the crowd and be a part of something bigger than running.

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$840 value for only $329!


No extra fees for twice weekly group training

Venue Fees

No extra fees for entry into training venues


No extra fees for training hat & race top

Online Yoga

No extra fees for follow-at-home videos


What's a life-changing experience worth?

We Care About You

First-Timer Guarantee

If this is your first Can Too registration, and you attend four of the first six sessions but don't enjoy it and ask to withdraw, we'll refund 100% of your registration fee. No questions asked.

Simple Refunds Policy

You'll get a 100% refund on your registration if cancelling 2+ weeks before training starts. You'll get 50% refunded if cancelling the week before training. After that, we're committed.

If we cancel all or any part of your program due to COVID-related reasons, you will receive a pro-rata refund of your registration fee.

If you have to withdraw from your program for reasons related to COVID-19, you will receive a pro-rated discount on registration for any future program of your choice.

Find out more.

Generous Refer-A-Friend

For every first-time Can Tooer who puts your name down when they sign up, we'll reward you with 25% OFF your fundraising. Some conditions apply.

Help fund lifesaving cancer research

... common fundraising questions.

What is Bronze level fundraising?

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By raising $1975 you will meet your minimum fundraising commitment and become a Fundraising Star.

If you go above and beyond, you could become a Silver Fundraising Star ($2475) or even a Gold Fundraising Star ($2975)

Do I have to fundraise?

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Yes, we ask you to fundraise in return for your 20 week coached training program. Don’t let that worry you too much, we’ve been doing this since 2005 so we have plenty of resources available to help you achieve your fundraising goal. Plus, you’ll have a Team Captain and Mentor/s to guide you through. The best approach is to have a plan and to start early.

Where does the money go?

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When you fundraise for Can Too Foundation, you're fundraising for Australian cancer research and prevention. We focus on investing in early career cancer researchers across all cancer types.

Can Too participants have raised over $25 million for cancer research sonce 2005 and we continued to fund our researchers throughout the pandemic in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

As a registered charity, we will always be careful with every single dollar we spend and completely transparent in our reporting.

What if I don't meet my commitment?

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Can Too has been teaching people to run and raise funds for cancer research for seventeen years. We know that you’ll do everything you can to fundraise for Australia's most promising cancer research projects and we’ll help you every step of the way. If, due to personal circumstances, you feel you can’t meet your commitment, please contact us.   

How long do I have to fundraise?

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The good news is that you have until 30 days after your program finishes to meet your commitment to cancer research and prevention. You'll have an active fundraising page from the moment you sign up, so our suggestion is sign up early!


Question? Let's chat.

All our staff are experts in our programs. Most of us started as beginners, faced the same challenges as you, and are here to share our experiences and advice.

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