Claire Moulsher

Autumn Ocean Swim 1km 2021

Ocean Swimming with Can Too!

This year, I've decided to continue my journey with Can Too by entering the Ocean Swim program. I haven't done laps of the pool since I was at school *cough* years ago now and I've only just started to think about what lies beneath the surface of the beautiful blue water at Bondi. Frankly, that's enough to auto-inflate my wetsuit pants. 

If you'd like to distract me, send me a message of support wrapped in a neat little donation. While I'm scouring the ocean floor, checking for something with bigger teeth than Phar Lap, I'll be thinking about my dad and countless others like him whose lives might have been saved by a charity like Can Too. 

Who knows... the money you donate today might, one day, save the life of someone you love.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nisha Sachdev

Well... we did start CT running together, so I definitely need to see this one! See you at Bondi Saturdays! 🧡😇🙏


Penny Nolton

For someone who SWORE they'd never do a swim program, you appear to be doing... a swim program! 😄 I reckon you'll love it. You have all my support, my friend!


Michael Daley

You’ve got this Claire, just don’t swim like a wounded seal... kudos to you... fundraising is fun

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