Express Your Interest in a Swim Program or Swim Squad

Can Too offers two different swimming options- Ocean Swim Programs and Swim Squads. 

A Can Too Ocean Swim Program is a professionally coached training program which will prepare you to participate in an ocean swim event. You will achieve goals you previously never thought possible. You will be trained by experienced coaches and throughout your program supported by captains and mentors who will be with you every step of the way. Your pod will come together twice a week throughout the program and you will be amazed at how your fitness develops weekly. We will work with you to achieve your fundraising and event day goals.

A Can Too Swim Squad is available during the off-season of ocean swimming as it helps reinforce good swimming techniques and builds endurance. All training is pool based and is once a week with a qualified coach. 

Can Tooers are beginners, dabblers and experienced athletes alike. If this sounds like you, register your interest today to get notified when the next program or squad is available!