Taryn Cornell

Great Ocean Road Half Marathon 2019

I'm supporting cancer research and prevention with Can Too Foundation.

I like riding bikes but I'm not so keen on running. This year though I'm giving running a crack by committing to the CanToo Great Ocean Road (ultra! hilly!) Half Marathon. Help keep me honest by supporting the good people at CanToo. 

Thanks for your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Trivia fundraiser


Ralph Cornell



Gooooo Tazzle Dazzle!


Justin Shepherd



Jeffrey Oatman

Run Taryn, run!


Jonathan Cartledge

Great cause, good luck, and happy running!


Simon Ng

I would like to know your position on cereal as a soup by the end of this activity


Phillip Holman & Family

Looking forward to seeing your training runs on Strava. Good luck!


Linda Haefeli

Go Taryn, it will be a wonderful feeling at the end!!!



Go TC :D


Jenna Rowe

You’re a champion! x


Dora Yu

Go get em T-dawg



You champ <3


Cyrielle Joei

All the best! :)


Nick Baker

Have you been training Taryn? Of course you have. Go you good thing! Great cause and outstanding effort!



Good Luck Taryn :)



Go Taryn! xx


Anthony Tonitto

Go for it Taryn!!


Ben Fausti

Good luck Taryn!


Peter Takako

That's why they invented cars...


Nicole Sullivan

Good luck!


Adina Levy


Taryn Cornell

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