Sally Strautins

Run into Spring 10km Program 2020

Help me raise $10k to kick cancer to the kerb.

I'm pretty sure not one person I know who reads this can say they haven't been touched by cancer in some way. 

Now imagine a world without cancer. 

The only way we're ever going to make this a reality is through research. And this is where YOU come in. We need to help raise money for our researchers. 

Over the years, I've been fundraising with Can Too, an organisation that provides professional coaching in running, swimming and triathlon, in return for precious fundraising dollars. It's a win-win - they're helping the community the get fit, while finding a way to help us tell cancer to (politely) f-off. 

Fitness. Fighting. Cancer. 

I *think* this might be my tenth program ... I first joined Can Too when I couldn't swim. Sure I'd learnt as a kid but then this thing called fear crept in. Fast forward to my mid-30s and I couldn't even put my face in the water. Ten programs later and I've completed open water swims (up to 2km, thank you very much), a half marathon, a couple of 10kms and an Olympic distance tri. 

AND I've almost raised $10k in the process. Now, this is where I REALLY NEED YOU!! Please help me hit the $10k mark by throwing a few dollars Can Too's way (think of all those cafe coffees or cocktails on a  night out you didn't pay for during ISO!). I'm sure many of you reading this have donated before - so thank you AGAIN for your support. I truly appreciate it and really hope that together we will find a cure.

Sal x

Thank you to my Sponsors



You’ve got this!


Carlos, Your Husband

Love you x



Well done, Sal.


Fergus Kibble

Congrats Sally - well done!


Philippa Naylor

Go Sally! You’re amazing! And.. Fuck cancer.


Sally Strautins


Karl Nealon


Andrew Butler

You're an inspiration Sally!


Maritime Law Consultants

Good luck Sal!


Kylie Hatch

Love your work Sally!


Jess Wilkinson

Go Sally!


Alex Griffin And Warwick Karp

Good luck with the run Sally! (Alex and Warwick)


Jo Caton

Great work Sal!!



Run Sally Run 🏃‍♀️!


Jo Imer

Go Sal! X


Kate Stephan


Naz Allam



Lisa Muddle


Brooke Lovarini

Well done!!


Lauren Nirsimloo


Rashna Shroff

Run like the wind!



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