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Learn to ocean swim and help beat cancer.

Ever stood on the beach, not sure if you can face the waves, or where to even begin?

Well, you're not alone. And when you learn to ocean swim, you won't be ever again.

Since 2005 we've been building a community of everyday people, giving them the education and the experience they need to achieve what once felt like an impossible goal: become ocean swimmers.

And we do it all for a good cause, funding Australia's brightest young cancer researchers so they can find better ways to beat cancer.

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Swimmers Registered
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/ $370,000 Goal

Face your fears in a safe, fun environment.

Qualified, experienced ocean swim coaches teach you how to read ocean conditions, safely navigate them, and then use them to your advantage.

Water safety crew support you in the water during every ocean session. They're from the surf clubs local to your beach, know the local conditions, and are there to keep you safe.

Team Captains and Mentors are past ocean swim graduates, chosen because they're encouraging and supportive, to keep the team spirit alive throughout summer.

They're all here to help you learn to ocean swim, so you can help those affected by cancer.

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You Can Too learn to ocean swim in a safe, fun environment and support an amazing cause to fund Australian cancer research and prevention. 

Can Too offers two swim programs a year, the Sydney Learn to Ocean Swim from November to February and the Autumn swim program from February to April.

The Sydney Learn to Ocean swim trains swimmers to complete the iconic Macquarie Big Swim and the North Bondi Classic with 1 and 2km options.   

The Autumn swim program is now open which trains participants to complete either a 1km and 2km ocean swim or 5km swim goal.

The 5km swim program is a 6-week intensive program for the Balmoral Swim for Cancer event.

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