Last updated: 16 January 2020


If you are unable to continue with your program, from Monday of the calendar week in which your training program starts, this is treated as a withdrawal.

To cancel or withdraw from a training program or adventure challenge, please notify us in writing at info@cantoo.org.au.

Can I get a refund?

Under our Refunds Policy we offer partial or full refunds for cancellations only. 

For training programs, we don’t normally offer registration fee ‘credit’ to be used for a future training program.

If you’re withdrawing because of circumstances beyond your control you can request Special Consideration.

Do I still have to fundraise?

Recognising the commitment of resources in delivering training programs, we ask you meet a reduced fundraising commitment, based on the number of ‘active weeks’ of your training program.

You are considered ‘active’ in your program until the week you notify us in writing at info@cantoo.org.au that you’re withdrawing.

To calculate your pro-rata fundraising commitment for your training program, we use the following formula: active weeks / program length. 

For example, if you withdraw in Week 4:

  • 4 active weeks in a 10 week program
  • = 4/10
  • = 40% of fundraising

Depending on your request for Special Consideration of your personal circumstance we may waive some or all these guidelines.

If you withdraw from a program but still raise the standard fundraising commitment (i.e. before discounts), this is considered a Completed Program and counts toward your Loyalty Reward.

Withdrawing with approved Special Consideration

In circumstances that meet Special Consideration, you can choose to ‘carry over’ any fundraising above your pro-rata commitment to your next Can Too training program.

If you choose to roll over fundraising your current program will not be considered a Completed Program and will not count towards your Loyalty Status.

All withdrawals, even with approved Special Consideration, are ineligible for a refund of registration fees under our Refunds Policy.

Withdrawing without approved Special Consideration

If withdraw from your program, and do not meet the Special Consideration guidelines in our Refunds Policy, you:

  • are expected to meet your pro-rata minimum fundraising committment
  • can not carry over fundraising above your pro-rata commitment
  • are inelgible for a refund of registration fees under our Refunds Policy.

Help us improve this policy.

While all care has been taken in developing this policy so that it’s transparent, consistent and reasonable, it may be updated periodically.

We want your feedback. It helps us improve our services and make them fairer.