Program Disruption Guarantee


When you register for a Can Too Program, you can do so, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered if your program is disrupted by COVID.

If we cancel all or any part of your program due to COVID-related reasons, you will receive a pro-rata refund of your registration fee.

If you have to withdraw from your program for reasons related to COVID-19, you will receive a pro-rated discount on registration for any future program of your choice.*

Please contact the Can Too office at info@cantoo.org.au to discuss your circumstances in absolute confidence.

* Future program discount Excludes Can Too Adventure Challenges.

I caught COVID before the program started and can’t start training. Can I get a full refund?

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Yes, provided you notify us before Week 1 training starts. Our standard Withdrawals Policy applies to this situation.

I need to withdraw half-way through my program due to a COVID infection. Can I get a refund? 

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We will send you a pro-rata discount on a future registration – in this case, 50%.

What if I’ve missed some training because I have to isolate as a close contact? 

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Please contact the office to advise us and receive your future program discount *.

*Future program discount Excludes Can Too Adventure Challenges.    

The COVID situation is really bad in my training location and I’m worried about continuing. I’d like to withdraw. Will I receive a discount for future programs?

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All of our training sessions are designed to be COVID-safe.

Participants are reminded to exercise physical distancing during training. Read more about our Health and Safety Policy here. If you would still like to withdraw after speaking with us, you will receive a discount on your choice of future program*.

*Future program discount Excludes Can Too Adventure Challenges.   


Do I still have to fundraise if I withdraw due to COVID? 

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Please see our Withdrawals Policy for information on fundraising pledges. 

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While all care has been taken in developing this policy so that it’s transparent, consistent and reasonable, it may be updated periodically.

We want your feedback. It helps us improve our services and make them fairer.