Loyalty Rewards


This policy outlines loyalty status and rewards for everyone who participates in Can Too training programs or Can Too adventure challenges. We recognise the hard work and dedication of our participants by offering a reduction in fundraising when you achieve each ‘Guru’ status.

Here’s a handy table that shows the benefits offered at each loyalty tier.

Program Fundraising Commitment Guru Status
1 Standard  
2 Standard  
3 Standard  
4 Standard  
5 Standard Guru5
6 50% reduction  
7 Standard  
8 Standard  
9 Standard  
10 Standard Guru10
11 100% reduction  
12 Standard  
13 Standard  
14 Standard  
15 Standard Life Member
16+ Optional for all future training programs and adventure challenges.


Guru status is calculated using completed programs only.

Guru rewards only apply to the standard fundraising commitment for a training program or adventure challenge. You’ll still need to pay any applicable registration fees when registering.

Swim Treks are excluded from our fundraising discount rewards benefits due to the strict limitation on numbers on these trips. Completed Swim Treks count as completed programs for the purpose of earning Guru and Life Member status. 

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What counts toward Guru status?

Programs that count toward Guru status once completed:

  • Can Too training programs
  • Can Too adventure challenges
  • Can Too Swim Treks.

Activities that don’t count toward Guru status:

  • activities where there is no registration fee incl Can Too Beyond
  • programs where there is no minimum fundraising commitment
  • a Future Goal Event Fund

What counts as a completed program?

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A completed program generally includes all of the following:

  • you paid a registration fee, or were provided a promo code, to register
  • you met, or exceeded, the minimum fundraising commitment
  • you were a participant, including a Team Captain or Mentor
  • you were not a Champion or Coach.

Some exceptions to the guidelines above:

  • if you withdraw from a training program and fundraise the full amount, it is considered complete
  • if you ask for Special Consideration when withdrawing and we agree to a reduced fundraising amount or permit you to ‘roll over’ fundraising, that program is considered not complete.

Participating in a corporate training program, or fundraising with Can Too Beyond, does not count toward your Guru status.

When do I receive my reward?

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Your Guru status will be applied to the next training program or adventure challenge registration that we receive.

You can’t opt into – or out of – the loyalty program, or selectively apply Guru rewards.

If the fundraising for your training program or adventure challenge is already reduced, for example as a Team Captain or Mentor, your Guru rewards will be kept on file and automatically applied to the next training program or adventure challenge registration we receive.

You can use a combination of rewards (i.e. Guru and Refer-a-Friend) in a single training program or adventure challenge. Guru rewards will be applied first, followed by any referral rewards available on your file.

What if I cancel or withdraw?

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Under our Refunds Policy:

  • if you cancel your registration your Guru credit may be rolled over for use in your next training program or adventure challenge
  • If you withdraw from your training program or adventure challenge your Guru credit cannot be ‘rolled over’ to a future program. We may waive this if you request Special Consideration.

Am I able to fundraise, even if don’t need to?

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You will still receive a fundraising page even if your fundraising commitment is zero. You may also choose to fundraise to a Future Goal Event Fund.

Help us improve this policy.

While all care has been taken in developing this policy so that it’s transparent, consistent and reasonable, it may be updated periodically.

We want your feedback. It helps us improve our services and make them fairer.