Life Members

A Life Member is an extaordinary and passionate Can Too commuity member that has participated in at least 15 programs.

Anna-Louise Moule
Anne Massey - Find out more
Barbara Allwright
Brian Whealing
Cathy Duloy
Christopher Crawford
Claire Robertson
Dani Lombard
David Head
Diana Masen
Edith Hurt - Find out more
Emma Doyle
Gloria Nicol
Jennie Star
Jenny Biggin
John Jones
John Thacker
Julia Sutcliffe
Julie Dobbie
Katrina Smith
Kay Poletto
Laurie Ingleton
Lee-Anne Carson
Lianda Stoel
Lorenzo Poletto
Louise Miller
Margaret-Anne Hayes - Find out more
Margie McMahon
Marion Burrows
Megan McCormack
Michelle French
Natasha O'Brien
Niall Faber
Oscar Trimboli
Paul Green - Find out more
Peter Signorelli
Richard Keetley
Stuart Binney
Trish Dwight

* Life member report from 27th May 2021