Angela Williams

Future Goal Event Fund

I'm supporting cancer research and prevention with Can Too Foundation.

What a year 2020 has been for everyone. 

I'm inspired to positively contribute to Can Too's research and my own health by my dear friend Lydia. I am so proud of Lyd and her courage, her determination and the way she diligently approached treatment for her glioblastoma. It fills me with sadness to say she passed this year. 

2020 has been a terrible year for so many for so many reasons. But cancer hasn't stopped for COVID. Thank you for your support and please, don't delay that check up. Take a moment to do a body scan and go see the Dr to get a check up, to talk about what ever has been on your mind or to follow up on any outstanding health issues you've been having. 

Take care and thank you xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nisha Sachdev

Love the xmas cards! What a fabulous idea! And here's a bit more for just being you! xx


Michelle Moore

Proud of you Ange


Raquel White

Proud of you Angela and your ongoing quest to help others. 🌼🌼


Suallyn Mitchelmore

You are amazing!


Gemma Whitley

You are a fundraising superstar!


Tony Bevan

Thank you Angela. Enjoy the Can Too journey and goal swim.


Therri Ellison

You are a true orange champion...keep fundraising!!


Amanda Morton

So proud of you Ange - thank you for all that you do for Xander research xx



Hi Ange, Caitlin can collect them from you at the cousins day. Thank you


Joanna Moore



Hi Angela, great work on these beautiful cards! hope to see you soon. If it is easier you can drop them to me in the office which is in Rosebery or I can come pick them up from you. Sending lots of love, Emma xxx


Helen Adams

Thanks Angela, love your cards! Good luck in your goal event and fundraising.


Lynne Stockdale

You're an inspiration Angela!


Cath Williams

So creatively clever...


Karen Marais

Great Christmas cards!


Angie Stevenson

Thanks so much!


Brigette Freytag



Anne Massey

Great fundraising idea! Happy to support 🧡 Go girl 👍


Robin Nicholls


Liz Blyth

Go running buddy and mentor!


Bel Fong

Go Ange! You are amazing for doing this. And I love the Xmas card idea. Well done!


Bronwyn Smith

Pack of 20 mixed cards


Rebecca Bangura





Amazing Christmas cards!! Such a great idea and a good cause. xx


Melanie Grafton

Love the Christmas cards, thank you!


Steve Michaux

Yay Angela! Fantastic idea. Happy I can support 😀 I’ll be in Sydney for the next two weeks and can meet you to pick them up if you like.


Ashleigh Mills

Thank you



Thanks For the cards


Zareena Banu

Thanks for the lovely Xmas cards


Simon Hartley

Great cards Angela


Barbara Addison

Good luck with the fundraising!


Jennie Burrell

Go Angela great cause:)

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