Vaccination Policy

As a health promotion charity, one of our core principles is to prevent disease in human beings. COVID-19 poses a clear and significant threat to the health of our community and the SARS-CoV-2 (Delta) variant is known to be considerably more contagious.

We feel a deep obligation to keep our people and the communities in which they live, as safe as we possibly can, which is why our policy is to only accept registrations from people who are fully vaccinated or who have a medical exemption.

Can I join a program if I’ve had a single vaccination or if I choose not to be vaccinated?

No. The type of physical training conducted by Can Too includes exertion and so it is not always reasonable to wear a face mask. Further, Can Too cannot guarantee social distancing on all occasions and some physical contact may be unavoidable. As the possibility of contracting COVID-19 is increased, Can Too require participants to be fully vaccinated, to mitigate the risk of serious illness or disease.

How do I prove my vaccination status?

During registration you will be asked to declare your vaccination status and at the first training session you will be asked to show proof. Your information will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What if I object to this policy?


We acknowledge and are mindful of people’s beliefs, their medical history, their right to select a vaccine of choice and the availability of that vaccine, so we welcome you to contact us if you feel this policy unfairly affects you.

Help us improve this policy.

While all care has been taken in developing this policy so that it’s transparent, consistent and reasonable, it may be updated periodically.

We want your feedback. It helps us improve our services and make them fairer.