The objective of the Can Too Scholarship Policy is to encourage participation by individuals who do not have the financial means to join a Can Too program. Participants who receive the Scholarship will receive the same professional coaching as others in the training pod, but will not pay a registration fee or be required to fundraise.

Can Too Foundation is committed to improving fitness and health in the community, to improve mental health and as one way to reduce the incidence of cancer. Can Too is an inclusive community who always endeavour to live by our values of Inspire, Engage, Support and Empower and we're always open to suggestions about how we can do this better.

Who can apply?

Can Too Foundation encourage applications from anyone who feels that they cannot participate in a program due to their current financial capacity. 

What Can Too programs can I join?

At this time, the Can Too Scholarship Policy is in a trial period. Can Too are only accepting applications from individuals who would like to join the Cooly Classic Ocean Swim 2022 program

Subject to this trial, the Policy may be expanded to other Can Too programs in the future.

When do applications close?

Applications close when program registrations close. Generally this is two weeks after the program start date or when all available positions are filled. 

How do I apply?

It's simple to apply. Please click here and complete the short questionnaire.

A Can Too staff member will be in touch with you and all correspondence will be treated confidentially.

Help us improve this policy.

While all care has been taken in developing this policy so that it’s transparent, consistent and reasonable, it may be updated periodically.

We want your feedback. It helps us improve our services and make them fairer.