Steffi's shave roulette fundraiser!

By Steffi Dourado

I'm supporting...

Hello wonderful humans,

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! 

I'm still a long way off from that skullet so I'm extending the fundraising deadline to Sunday 3 September (which also happens to be my birthday!).

Still hoping to do the shave as an event in September where you can all come and watch! Details to follow :)

What am I doing?
I wanted to do something a little different this year to fundraise for much need Cancer Research. 

My challenge to you
I am hoping to raise 10,000 in 30 days! In return for your generous contributions, I will be playing a dangerous game of shave roulette! 

Depending on the amount fundraised I will shave either all or some of my hair. Targets and accompanying shave:

If donations hit $6000 by 3 September, I will shave all my hair off! 

If the donations hit $8000 by 3 September, I will get a mullet!

And the big one, if donations hit $10,000 by 3 September I will get a skullet! 

The full or part shave will be done in September (details to follow) as a community event where you can all come and watch! The person with the highest donation will get to make the first cut if I'm shaving it all off or will get to choose the colour if I end up with a mullet or a skullet! Hoping to have the event just before Blackmores half marathon so that I run the event with my new do and I promise to maintain the look for 30 days after I get it done <3>

Remember that all donations go towards an important cause, so I'm really hoping I end up with a skullet! ;P 


Thank you to my Sponsors




Desiree Schlosser

Dear Steffi so proud of you for taking up this cause. Best Wishes.


Linnie And Team

Best wishes darling Stefu. Love you.


Daniel Fernandes

No mullet,no skullet only scarlet until October.😊


Sam, Troy And Nero Can Too Family

This is amazing Steffi! Well done and so brave 🤣



Good initiative, Stef! Enjoy your hair-raising adventure 😊


Danielle Merlino

Team skullet!!! 😍


Pia Larsson

Lighter on the head = lighter on the feet + for a great cause = a win-win situation!!! Being a mullet lover, I'd love a partner in crime, but I'm kind of hoping for a skullet!! Can't wait to see it!! Go Steffi!! ❤️🥳


Steffi Dourado




Larissa Loves Skullets

Yes skullet yes! I believe in you Stef!! You can do it!!!


Rachel Hughes

Nice one Steffi!


Shaila Dias

What a beautiful thoughtful gesture Steffi! More power to you. I vote for the mullet.


Zale & Heather

We want this skullet haha



Love your venture for a worthy cause.


Ali Davies

Can’t wait to see this!! Go Steffi xx




Olfin Vaz

All the very best Steffi n Good luck. God bless. From Olaf n Olfin.


Christine Afoa

YOU A BOSS STEFFIIIIIIII - if anyone’s gonna rock a skullet it’s you! 🫶🏾 all the best with fundraising for this great cause - you’re an inspiration!



Proud of you!!


Kevin A

Go the distance Stef! No doubt that skullet will improve your running aerodynamics! :P


Helena Kadlec

You are a legend!! Can’t wait to see that new hairstyle, I know you’ll rock the shit out of it!! ;)



Go for it. Great cause. Good luck with the fundraiser


Ada Yeung

Great cause Steffi and so brave!


Leah Subijano


Elaine Laforteza

Go, Steffi! &lt;3



God Steffi!




Tom Stonestreet




Go Steffi! I love this challenge, you're amazing!!! Can't wait to see the result! X


Amy Grady

You're amazing Steffi! Can't wait to see you rock the new hair ;)


Anne Walden

Go Steffi!



Amazing work Steffi!!! Cant wait to be there for the shave. Who knows, maybe a skullet will suit you? 😉


Therri Ellison

You are amazing Steffi !!


Alex Heritage

Go Steffi!!! You're amazing!!


Sam Irani


Verity Firth

Go Steffi! Let's aim for a skullet! Cheers, Verity


Fiona Versey


Emily Knapman

Gooo Steffi!!



Amazing - love your commitment Steffi!


Christie Margaret Mcdonald

Vote #1 for the mullet!


Aimee Merlino



Maya S

Vote for mullet! Go Steffi! xx