Divine Steps Festival 2019

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Looking forward to the weekend

Dear sponsors,

My heartfelt thanks for looking up the link I sent to you and for your ongoing support.

I'm doing my prep work to set myself up for this Sunday's event. As you may be aware I have been a practitioner and teacher of Yoga for most of my life. My teaching has always been a free service to my students. This time I'm going to practice/demonstrate yoga poses at periodic intervals whilst on the walk. Who knows, it may inspire a few to remember to exercise no matter the circumstances.

Once again thanks for visiting and your support. It would be a bonus if you come look me up at Pyrmont Bay Park on Sunday.



I'm fundraising at the Divine Steps Festival.

About the Charity Partners


Can Too Foundation is an independent health promotion charity committed to funding cancer research. In return for professionally coached training programs, our participants fundraise much-needed support for Australian cancer research to fund the most brilliant, innovative early career cancer researchers. At Can Too, we believe life is what you make of it, that anything is possible, and if you’re willing to take that first step, you CAN TOO!


Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people aged 12 to 25 who are facing challenges of homelessness, drug dependency, disadvantage, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse. Youth Off The Streets are helping young people discover greatness within, by engaging, supporting and providing opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive life choices.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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John Eeles

Wonderful choices Sankar!


Benny Gules

Great Job Sankar


Arbon Equipment

Great job Sankar. Well done on supporting such a great cause.


Rushad Katrak

Great job Sankar, and all the very best!


Vijay Gokarn

Hello Sankar, all the best. Vijay


Rayan Narayan

good on yer mate. Another Aussie everyday HERO


Diverseco Pty Ltd - Brenton Cunningham


Jessica Mclean & Simon Orbell

Great Job Sankar, you have chosen wonderful charities to support. All the best!


Swami Uditramananda Saraswati

Keep moving


David Calleia

Good luck Sankar


Shane Cannavo

Good luck with it all on the weekend mate


Rob King

Good on you


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Keep up the great work Sankar!


Neve Kolondzic

for a wonderful cause.


Mick Brookhouse