Mary B

Sydney 1km Ocean Swim 2020

Aaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Ocean swimming on hold...temporarily

Very very VERY sad to report that I had a freak tumble this week, resulting in a broken metatarsal (ie the long bone leading to my little toe) in my left foot. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!

Having completed the tough-but-fun 12-week Cantoo swim training, I was all set to throw myself in the briny deep with gusto for the 1km swim at Palm Beach this weekend, as well as the Bondi 2km swim in 2 weeks time. But stupid clumsy me fell off a big step and into a hedge. Yes, really.

Totally gutted that I can't do the swims, and horrified that I'm letting all you fabulous generous sponsors down.'s my cunning plan:

Doctor says the foot should heal in approx 4-6 weeks (during which time I will of course eat my own body weight in chocolate), and I will then recommence swim training to do the Balmoral 2km swim on 5th April. So that will be my goal swim, and all of your sponsorship generosity will keep me mentally focussed and physically afloat till then. I promise.  


Thank you to my Sponsors


James Morgan

Very proud of you for always doing what you say and achieving these types of things! lots of love, james and twiglet (she's agreed to donate $50 of this by not eating for a week!)


Luke Torrevillas

Merry Christmas


Dora Bizannes

For a bunch of non-swimmers, we are very proud of you willing yourself to become shark bait. All our love, Yiayia next door and co.


Jody Stone

Good luck gorgeous!


Mark Middleton

Good luck darling one. x


Katherine Perry

Well done my gorgeous! What a perfect way to literally kick your ankle nightmare firmly behind you. Good luck! xxx


Paul Barltrop

Go for it, sis!


Karen Connor

Well impressed! Go for it Mare xx



Champ ?


Stacey Jones

Bewdy Mary


Aida Jongs

Go Mary!!


Mary Barltrop


Laura Garbo

Amazing Mary!!! Sooo proud of you!


Julie Kramer

This sounds crazy! Merry and Happy lovely!


Lucy Devine

Sorry this took me so long! Delighted to get a name check. Presume 1k is a warm-up for a proper event? xx


Anya Barltrop

You go girl! 1k in shark infested waters- who knows what will happen?! xx


Callum Barltrop

Best of luck with it! Hope the sharks are having a day off xx

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