Martin Wallace

Hawke's Bay Marathon 2019

I'm supporting research into cures for all cancers by running a marathon.

Cancer destroys lives.

Cancer ruins families.

Cancer is evil.

I hate cancer.

If we all continued to support research into cures for all cancers, we could eventually make loss of life from cancer a thing of the past.

And we could possibly save the life of our own future selves.

I'm training for, and running, the Hawkes Bay Marathon in NZ to support cancer research through the CanToo Foundation.

If you're looking for a good cause to support with your hard earned cash, please consider sponsoring me. I'll do all the sweaty, painful, early morning runs.

Thank you for all your generous support!


Thank you to my Sponsors




Bunnings Bbq


Maureen Wallace

Hi Martin wishing you a successful pain free marathon. Love MumXx


Loose Change


Martin Wallace


Jim & Pat


David Wallace

Good luck with the marathon you old timer


Fiona Kennedy


Brian Whealing

Good to see you are going for another one Martin


Stephen Gallacher

Good luck with the run!


Joe Wallace

Good luck Wazza!


Brian Wallace

Well done Martin!



Look forward to training with you on another marathon. Sorry I didn’t make it to your BBQ yesterday, hope it went well!!

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