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Sydney 2km+ Ocean Swim 2020

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The challenge is set, a 2km ocean swim and 12 weeks to get there. It’s ambitious, slightly deranged but all for a good cause. I’ve joined the legends at Cantoo to raise funds for research into a cure for this horrible disease which has affected many of my nearest and dearest. I am not an ocean swimmer, I am more of a floater so this is going to be a long slog to make sure I don’t go down like the titanic on the day of the swim. I am training very very early in the morning twice a week to get there. I am going out in public in an orange swim cap which is really not my colour. But it’s all for the goal of raising some much needed money for something we all care about. I lost my cousin to cancer a few years ago and I have never gotten over how unfair it was that someone so young, fresh out of high school and a whole life ahead him, would never get the opportunity to live out his dreams. So I am here for him. I want to raise $1195 for research to kick cancer’s ass and any support you could give would be greatly appreciated. Yours in freestyle, breaststroke and the occasional doggy paddle, Dom

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Family And Friends

Thanks to everyone for their cash donations x


Isabelle Brown


Carole Brown

Go Domi


Dominique Brown


Dale And Anne-soph Bonner

Go dom we believe in you! You can do it! You can do it allllllllll night looooong!


Stephanie Hawes

Get ‘Em Dom!


Chase Hope




Karen & Jason

U will smash it!


Dominique Brown


Kerry & Corine Keerie

You go girl


Lucienne Barcelona

nage bien ma fille


Bridget Akers

Go Dom! You are going to be excellent!



Great job Dom

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