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Balmoral 5km Swim 2020


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The Muffin And Bbq Crew

A massive thank you to everyone who has bought a fund-raising muffin or brownie, or had a sausage sandwich at the beach. I had fun making them, and I'm extremely grateful for your support! - PT


Everyone Who's Bought A Muffin!


Jill Andrew Jonathan Stephen

We admire your strength and determination and have faith in you to achieve your goals. this comes with very best wishes J.A.J.S


Rebecca Warren

So proud of you taking on this challenge PT! I still remember the 'yeah, but...' conversation!! :) You've totally got this! xx


Jonas Chow

Hey Paul, what a great cause and a fantastic effort. Good on you, you are an amazing soul. All the best.


Christine Wynne

Good luck Paul


Donna Connolly


Christine Wynne


Honey Badger

Because I'm too scared of sharks to have a crack at it myself. Respect.



From everyone who bought a muffin (again)!