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Nick Abrahams - Molokai 2017


I am paddling the Molokai Challenge in Hawaii to raise money for Can Too, the cancer research charity. 

My wife Simone has been working with Can Too for a while now. I have been amazed at this organisation - wonderful people, remarkable passion and they have raised over $17M for cancer research. The Molokai Challenge is the unofficial world championships of surf ski paddling. It is a 53km paddle from Molokai Island to Oahu across the unpleasantly titled “Channel of Bones”. It’s not all bad - I am doing it in a team with a friend and there is a group of 20 of us going over. 

The race is on 28 May 2017.

I would be grateful if you could sponsor me by donating money to Can Too - a great cause.

Best wishes


Thank you to my Sponsors



Paddle hard fella




Nick Abrahams



Well done Nicky Go hard son and keep safe !



Goodonya Champion, look forward to hearing of the travils Bomber


James Baillie


Colleen Godsell

Nicky well done and safe travels. Colleen x


Hugh Richards

Good on you Nick, great cause


Cris Van Haren




Garry Dinnie

Go hard - we will be watching!!!!!


Sandra Farrow At Readinow

Hi Nick, Now I know how you stay fit. Worthwhile cause. Well done! Sandra


Derek Nix

Good luck with crossing Buddy. Good cause


Justin Ryan

Keep something in the tank for China Walk????



Can Too....Can Do!!! Way to go my gorgeous little brother...and have fun whilst doing so much good. Love you and come home safe!!


Rob Antulov

Congrats Nick - great cause, great event!


Paul Brandling

Onya Nick!!


Nick Mchugh


The Kruegermeisters

May the wind be behind you (as always) and may you find rhythm in your stroke Nick. Great cause mate and well done on being part of it.



Great work Nick!


Jo Sloots

Good luck Nick!



Nick, Wishing you good luck and tranquil waters! You always impress me how you find cool ways to give back and make a difference. While I can't be there to cheer you on this time, I'll be sending you good vibes from Kentucky! All the best, Amy


John Keats

Good luck Nick. Keep Leechy away from the Mojitos


Eva Edgecombe

Have fun x


David P

Hi Nick. Good luck with the event. A worthwhile cause



Good luck Nick, may the Channel of Bones let you pass!


Ant Talbot


Peter Hickey



good luck

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