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Great Ocean Road Half Marathon 2019

An ultra-half marathon? Err, ok, but are there any hills?

Can swimmers run? Well, I am about to find out.

I have signed up for the Great Ocean Road half marathon, which is a whopping 23ks of hills (and scenic views) and a few more hills. I am pretty sure I agreed to do it at the pub one night with some dutch courage in my glass, but aren't most of our best decisions made like that?

It's my fist time with the Can Too family ... a family that I have met some of my best friends through and so it's in good company that I am up at 5am on Wednesdays and 6am on Saturdays to run/walk/waddle in the sun and rain. 

Please support me in my findraising if you can. You are all pretty awesome. Big hugs. x



Thank you to my Sponsors


Lala Day

Trivia Night! :-)


Lala Day

Raffle tickets from work :-)


Dot And Mike

we have every confidence in you Lala



You champion. With you in spirit dear girl.





Paul Clark

Great one Lala!!



Good luck Lala. If you get sick of running i reckon you could swim it no problem.



Bloody hero xx


Kate Reynolds

Go Lala! X


Denise White

Excited to be running this event with like I’m on your tail! 🙂


Carly Robertson

It's Funraising season - good luck, Lala!



You're pretty awesome yourself. xx


Jill Mcnaught

Go Lala and Yara!!


Cat Benefield

Good Luck Lala!


Adina Levy


Lala Day Day

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