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My target 10 kms

Everyone has a plan ..till they get punched in the face

So here's the thing - I was going to swim from Mexico to Isla Mujeres on the day after my 50th birthday to celebrate my gratitude at breathing in and out for fifty freakin' years ..A privilege denied to many.

And to raise funds for cancer research coz one of the two people involved in the design, manufacture and ongoing maintenance of me got taken out by this fucker of a disease.

So given plans change and we have to stay local coz of Covid and stuff... (and aIso I had invested in new speedos and googles ) ...I devised a new plan .

And I have been plugging away to swim 50ks in 50 days ..

I have been hitting the water most days from June the 1st and will be finishing on the 20th July (my dads bday). 

I have had the wonderful support of a variety of swim buddies and a massive bundle of Cantooers have joined me and definitely made the journey a little bit like life in these unconventional times - tons of fun but a tad weird and unpredictable just like the ocean itself.

Anyone who wants to keep me company over the next few days slapping the ocean is more than welcome... I am at Whale Beach tomorrow , Manly Sunday and Balmoral on Monday to finish it all up 

Message me if you are keen ..

And anyone who wants to chuck a few bucks at slapping cancer hard - don't fight the urge to chip in by clicking this thingy

I hear its all down hill from here..heehee and hugs to y'all

Margaritas ..Nachos ..and a freakin long swim for an old guy

As I am about to turn fifty years old and one of my oldest mates ( TT The Engine )  suggested that rather than celebrate getting old I could possibly celebrate the gift of life on behalf of those that can't..
And it hit a bit of a nerve .. and selfishly I reckon its time to stump up and check myself with the biggest swim of my life ..The El Cruce in Cancun..its a ten kilometre beast of a swim across some wet bits from Cancun in Mexico to Isla Mujeres and it should be pretty solid and will take a while preparing for ...and actually doing it will be a test this bag of bones 
As a tribute to the more than ten years the amazing Cantoo gang has invested in me, to celebrate gratitude for the gift of my life, as a sneaky tribute to my dad, and as a serious fuck you to the cancer that took him out,  I aim to raise a dollar for every metre of the swim for Cantoo. That's ten grand cash money in the old scale.
With this money Cantoo can support a whole pod of swimmers next year and some of the pods I have led have individually funded a whole year of cancer research. 
I have been on a life changing journey with this amazing organisation of over a decade. In this time I've seen cancer knock a few of my nearest and dearest around - knocked a few out of the ring. And many are still punching as a direct consequence of the efforts of cancer research. 
Let me paraphrase some of the email I sent out when I first set out to swim with Cantoo and offers of naming rights / sponsorship and even bags of cash with a $ sign will be gladly received and pushed to this valuable cause 

If you want to deliver the financial equivalent of a

Left Jab – I suggest $5 sponsorship as a “don’t mess with us “ gesture .

Right jab – A tenner should wake cancer up and get a researcher out of bed in the morning

Left hook -  A lobster ( $20 ) should make cancers teeth rattle and maybe run away scared to his mummy

Right hook -  A fiddy funds a researcher for a couple of hours and this could be the couple of hours that discover the cure

Left uppercut – What about a hundred smackeroonies .. ..half a day of looking at stem cells ( not yourself ) could save someones life dear to you

Right uppercut -  Couple of hundred should help chip in for one of those really expensive things that beep

Five punch combo with one dirty low blow in the giggle berries - $500 .. now that’ll get a researcher well fired up and stinging for biffo with Mr C

“Bring all your buddies all round with knives and stuff” Knockout blow – A grand ? Anyone who chucks in a grand gets naming rights / sponsorship in indelible texta on the fine specimen that is my body during the swim ..theres plenty of room ..and seriously anyone on a good wicket gets a financial windfall of like half of it back anyway via SCOMO and his crew.. plus it kicks a week of research off ...

Also for what its worth I will be hurting .. a lot …so it may be worth chucking in a couple of bucks to ensure it was worthwhile

Massive hugs to y’all


Thank you to my Sponsors


Annie C And Simon B

You are a legend KG. Thank you for your continued amazing support of Can Too.


Michael East

Love your work KG. You have a big ticker young - love what you are doing to give cancer a good slap.


Gill & Peter

Great stuff KG, as always . A blast to swim the last km with you this morning


Marie Mangan

Thank you for all your help through the 2019/2020 swim season KG and Thank you for your continued magnificent effort in kicking cancer's butt !! We love you Manly Pod


Nisha Sachdev

For just being you. $1 for every km I did ??. You’re a legend! Thanks for all your support x


The Deans

Go Kieran - we’re all with you in spirit


Restore Health & Wellness

Well they say it is good to have goals...even slightly looney ones. xx p.s. where is my cash - still waiting....


John De Greenlaw

Well done Keiran



Well done KG. JC



You are one of a kind! Xx


Suzie Morony

Fabulous effort KG! Thanks for supporting our 10K swim last year. See you in the water


Mirek Craney

Go you good thing!!! You’re an incredible ambassador for Can Too, KG & an awesome human being my friend!!! Jimmy would be very proud of you!!!


Sam Zagorski


Sally Gole

Happy birthday! I am so grateful to have you as a friend. Big hugs and love on this milestone xx


Loretta Leonard

Enjoy! Cant wait to catch up and hear the stories.


Melissa North

You’re a mad fucker. No wonder we bonded over Nudie swims. Wear some togs for this don’t want any sharks nibbling on dangly bits. And here’s to our 50th year ??. 1970, when all the good ones were made.


Louise Butler

Crazy. But in a good way :-) Happy birthday!


Andrea Tustin

Fabulous effort you special person. Thank you for all your support of Can Too and what you do to kick the s...t out of cancer. 😘


Lee Meredith

I have no words for your level of craziness but also admiration.. and it’s important stuff..xx


Merryl Dooley

Congratulations. I know it wasn’t the expected birthday swim but what a truly epic contribution. X


Kris Charody

Enjoy the last swim of your challenge tomorrow. Sorry I can’t join you xx


Marie Hewson

You are one in a million Kieran. This donation is on the promise the wet suit goes😃



Love love love this goal KG! Blooming brilliant! Enjoy xx


Robin Nicholls

Champion effort mate.


Gail Davies

You are quite the 50 year old inspiration


Amanda L

You're a legend!



$3916 was such an untidy number... thanks for keeping me swimming this winter. Your energy and passion for all you do is an inspiration. Mwah x


Peter Allison

Good luck Keiren


Claire And Hels

Awesome work, Legend. Here's a few coffees worth from Hels and I. xx


Kriszta Kovacs

Great work for the 50 swim and happy 50th birthday! Kriszta & Tom


Sandra Harvey


Dani Lombard

Happy 50th ya big kahuna!


Mel Ware

Amazing 🙏🏼


Sandra Levenston

You are truly inspirational !


Kathleen Botte

So proud of you my darling cousin. Love you heaps. Xxxx


Sally Gilmour

love your work!


Amanda Pitcher

You support so many every year, happy to support you in this amazing celebration of the big 5-0.


Rebecca Coghlan

For all the right reasons and to help get you over the line! Good swimming and enjoy the last kilometre!


David Todd

It took out my Grandpa at 57 (my age) and my Mum at 77. She went down dancing in her wheelchair days before she died. Still laughing and doing her grandma stuff. Happy 50th KG. You are a decent human being.



Keep up the great work young man!



Happy Birthday!!! So many adventures and stories made in your 50 years young. Looking forward to hearing the stories in the next chapters. A living legend with hugs for everyone, always ready with a laugh, a big shoulder or a helping hand. Enjoy the swimming. 🤗


Francesca Peskops

You are a legend!


Lauren Elder

Absolute legend!!! Let’s do some swims!


Jennie Star

I wish I could do more but doing what I can to help you, you're such an incredible human and you touch many people with what you do and who you are xxx


Byrne Laginestra

Make sure you tell your testicles it's all for a good cause and they will be able to come out again in Spring.


Marie Hewson

Good cause for celebration. Should be great x


Melanie Junghans

Smash it. Hugs to you. Xx Mellie


Gloria Nicol

Love your spirit KG


Lee Meredirh

You continue to be amazing....


Vicky And Brett Kvisle

Fantastic effort are amazing and inspirational to boot!


Zoe Taylor

Great effort for a great cause!


Jennie Star

You really are a special guy, loved by many, best attitude ever, always smiling even when life's tough, supporting you is just easy


Gina Teague

Thanks KG for all your massive efforts to kick cancer into touch.


Carolyn And Saran Mcilvin

Kieron you are a CanToo legend. Well done on your swims. Massive respect xx


Nat Taig

Great work KG. Keep up the swimming in your new wetsuit!


Nicole Freeman

Go you good thing! Happy bday with massive hugs included xx


Peter Avery


Helen Mermaid

Excellent effort KG, only 51 swims required next year! See you in the water with the COVID Merfolk...


Clare Hovey

Well Done Kieran - truly an amazing huge effort! :)


Jude Beeny

Go get ‘Em Tiger! Excited for you, Jude x


Kelly Marsh



Simone Laing

Congratulations KG. Awesome effort. Simone & Chris


Deborah Gibson





Nic Freeman

Keep kicking ass KG. You’re a rockstar x


Joanne Foster

Your an absolute legend! Don’t know how you can swim that far, a small donation is the least I can do.