Palm to Shelly swim

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Marathon swimming and ultra-marathon swimming involve swimming long distances in open water. Marathons usually span 10 kilometers or more, while ultra-marathons go beyond this, often covering distances of 20 kilometers and above. Participants need rigorous training, strong swimming abilities, and adaptability to changing conditions. These swims require exceptional physical fitness, mental resilience, and careful planning due to the challenges of unpredictable weather, strong currents, encounters with marine life, and other hazards.

On Saturday 13th April my next challenge starts. I am attempting to swim Palm beach to Shelly Beach (Manly) it is 24-27km depending on conditions. This will be my longest swim that I have ever attempted.

I am sharing a support boat and kayak support with my swimming buddy Lizzie.

Once again, I’m raising money for my favourite cancer charity, CanToo. I’m very proud of the fact I’ve raised more than $23,000.00 over my years of completing events for them.

CanToo supports the work of cancer researchers who might not always receive government funding. And you never know a cure might be closer than we all dare to think.

Because Dad never stopped trying and fighting ... and I’m so proud of him.
On the day I hope the hours of endless training will get me through and it would be fantastic if you could sponsor me.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and hopefully being able to help …


Thank you to my Sponsors



Wishing Grant & lizzie all the best thoughts for your amazing swim.


Jacqueline Major

Well done, amazing achievement. Congrats to you and LLizzy.


Trish Dawson-kermode

Grant.. you are truly an inspiration . A quiet achiever who sets superhuman goals, puts in the hard work & gets it done - all with such class & humility & kindness . As a friend I am so Proud of your achievement yesterday . Your butterfly at the end made me smile ! Your grin & sheer joy when it was done was so great to see - you deserved it . Well done - you’re now in a special Elite class of people who do crazy amazing things of human endurance No stopping you now !!


Grant Campbell


Robin Nicholls

It's an incredible swim, mate. I wish you and Lizzie all the best. I have my fingers crossed that you'll have good conditions.


Kersti Sarv


Brendan Maher



BRILLIANT Grant! Congratulations on an epic swim!


Niki Carey

Such an epic challenge Grant! I am in awe!


Julie & Tony Boxsell

Go Grant! Go Liz!!



Have a great swim grant and Lizzie


Hayley Dodman

Wishing you all the very best Grant and have complete faith you can do it, so enjoy yourself at the finish line.