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Dopey Challenge 2019

What is the Dopey Challenge? 

Good question, and I am glad that you asked!

Starting tomorrow (January 10, 2019) we (Tom, Kath and I) will take place in probably the most ridiculous event you could imagine me doing. It is also aptly named the Dopey Challenge.

This event is taking place at Disneyworld in Florida and involves 78.3km of running over 4 short days.

Tomorrow we will run 5km. 

On Friday we will run 10km.

On Saturday we will run 21.1km.

Can you see where this is going?

And on Sunday we will sit back and relax.


On Sunday we will run 42.2km.

Why? I hear you ask.

Again, good question. And one that I have been repeatedly asking myself as I have covered 588km of training runs and walks over the past couple of months.


But the real reason I run, is to raise money for Can Too.

Since I joined Can Too almost 7 years ago, I have raised over $16,000. The money raised goes towards innovation in the prevention, care, and control of cancer. Since 2005, Can Too have trained over 13,500 participants, raised over $20, 000,000 to support nearly 150 one-year cancer research grants through Cure Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW.

This training program has been a little different though. We are not part of a Can Too Training pod. Which means that we have been training ourselves. Kath, Tom and I have all completed many programs with Can Too and we are so thankful for the training and support that we have received over the years, and we have welcomed advice and wisdom from others. And the beautiful thing about Can Too is that even when you aren’t in a training pod, the Can Too Crew are still cheering from the sidelines. 

Kath, Tom and I would love to raise $10,000 between us. We have paid our own way to the US, so all funds raised go to Can Too.

I have been amazed and humbled by the support of so many of you towards such an important cause these past 7 years. Thank you.

I continue to run in honour of my beautiful Mum. In fact, this Saturday (12th of January), the day that we run the half marathon, it will be 12 years since she departed this life. I miss her daily, and yet am so thankful for the influence she had on my life.

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James And Min

Don't forget to but some Mickey Mouse gloves for Mark. Very proud of you Em!


Paul Collett

Go well in memory of lovely Anne


Natalie Macken

Run like dopey diva my excellent friend. I'm so in awe of your ability and tenacity. Go lady! Lots of love from us three – we'll be watching your progress from afar xxx


Hasti Kalarostaghi

well done!!!


Nat Sterling

Y’all are crazy. I love it! Especially love the cause. Go team!! And May your post run recovery go as smoothly as the run itself. ??



Go Emma!


Anna Richardson

I first heard about Can Too from you Emma, and now I'm loving my own Can Tooing! This challenge is truly amazing - enjoy ALL THE MEDALS! You have definitely earned them :-)


Lisa Dent

Em Sending lots of support and encouragement! You will be amazing and every step you are making a difference GO CANTOO Lis xxx


Emily Cormack

Proud of you Emma!! All the best for the last day! xo


Jillian Hall

Good luck Em on your run. You are an inspiration!!


Cath Williams

One more to go, you've got this ENJOY


Rhea Harding

Love you Em. 12 years. Remember it like it was yesterday. Xx


Joanna Byers

Well done! What legends you guys are. Such an amazing effort - you deserve ALL the medals!!!


Dick Herman

Good luck Emma!! Such a huge achievement :)


Catherine Piggin

Good luck nyc running partner!


Gloria Troncoso

Well done Emma! You did great. I am so happy and proud of you. Good bless you!




Stephanie Bolt


Susie Heath

Best of luck Emma...have the best time, have lots of fun and LOTS of photos with Mickey and friends. xx


Renee Jones

Go Emma! So inspired by all you’ve accomplished in your running ??‍♀️ Hope you have a great time!


Jane Toth

Emma you're a inspiration. All the best with your many runs!


Theresa Kennedy

Amazing work Emma! Have the best time earning those medals, congratulations dopey x


Claire #diditellyou.... Robertson

Disney Dopey Dollar. If I can, you Can Too