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Alice Greenwood-Ketelbey

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 42km 2017

Over 1/2 way there

A couple of weekends ago, we hit the 23 km mark on probably the best run so far.  From Kirribilli, over the bridge, through the city, over the Anzac Bridge and out to Lilyfield and around the bay over to Iron Cove (and then back).  It was cold but sunny and having never run aorund the "Bay Run" before, I thought it was pretty special.  Mum and Dad (and Will's dog Frankie) were our "Energy Champions", standing by at the 7km mark with water, gatorade, glucose and positive vibes for us to soak up and keep us going.  Heading back over the Anzac Bridge was definitely the toughest part - my pace slowed down to 10 minute kilometres as I shuffled up to the top.  When you're driving over that bridge, it doesn't seem like a big hill, but it felt like a mountain that day.  

The bad news is that the week after, in the Dolls point Half Marathon, i injured myself and so have been taking it easy the last couple of weeks while my knee "loosens up" again.  Hope to be back next week, but for now I've been watching from the sidelines enviously as the rest of the Pod get stronger and fitter.  They are so impressive.  Sarah is so strong-willed, Kate is resilient and focussed, David is so positive, Aimee is  very very fit, Anthony looks like he is floating when he runs - so easy!, Steph is steady and seems unbothered as she runs and John (Coach) is a wonderful combination of all of these traits which he has helped cultivate in everyone. 


1/4 of the way there

Week 5 is the start of the next phase of training... Tempo (faster) runs start this month, and I'm already noticing the difference.  Our coach, John, is also starting to introduce hill interval training into our Wednesday sessions.  Anyway, tonight at training I was at the back of the pack.  The others were fast!  My legs just wouldn't go any faster though.  I finished the session puffed but not exhausted which is a good thing I suppose!  Maybe I'm getting a little fitter cardio wise...  maybe. 

So, it's been a few weeks

Week three this week and the aches and pains have settled a little.  

We ran around Sydney on the weekend and it was beautiful.  I think I have been craving to be part of a community for a while, because I'm really enjoying just being around people I've never met before and spending time learning about them in a totally isolated context from the rest of my life. 

I'm not a natural runner, and some days it is much harder than others, but slowly I am growing to like it more. 


This morning I did something silly..

I signed up to do the 42km run in Sydney in September.

I don't really know why.  When I told Johnno, he didn't believe me.  You see, I'm not a runner.  I'm not really serious about any sports.  I like being fit and active, but a marathon is something which I've never really had the urge to do. 

So why now?  I don't quite know.  Maybe it is because I have heard really good things about Can Too.  Maybe it is because I was stalking people on Facebook five minutes before, and they had 'liked' a Can Too page.  Maybe it's because I have a milestone of my own this year.  Maybe it was just to get a bit of credit with my running-loving husband. 

Maybe all of the above.  Not sure.  I'll sleep on it and come back to you. 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum And Dad

We are incredibly proud of what you are doing for Can Too and for yourself! xxxxx





'My Allie', you're one awesome woman!


Champ Group Services


The Gooch-smiths

Go Allie - you're an inspiration to us all. xx


Annie & Angus

You don't need luck Al, we know your steely determination will get you to the end of those 42km! So proud of you - go get 'em!


Rich And Lee Rossiter

Thinking of you Ali and behind you all the way. You are one inspirational, amazing woman. Good luck angel. Rich and Lee xxxx


Oscar Peppitt

Go Ally go! Hope you and JK are doing great and he's invested in a Prius and megaphone to be alongside for your road sessions.


The Milletts

Always impressive. GO Ali!!!!


Hugo & Laura

You're truly an inspiration! You will be incredible out there and we are just so proud of you. All our love and support Al xx


Helen Ketelbey


Ale And Jack

Good luck Allie! We are so proud of you and inspired by you! xxx


Teagan Hallgath


Rowena And David Spence

All the best - an amazing achievement!


Sam And Nick Best

You got his Smal! So proud of you. Xxxx


Jock Rutherford

Good luck Allie


Gem Deavin

To one amazing woman - sending all my love and support for this huge undertaking I know you'll conquer with your trademark strength, perseverance and all round fabulousness. You go girl!!! xxx



Real life wonder woman xxx


Rhys + Shell

Good luck!!!!


James And Alice

Go get em Gurl!!!


Alex And Nick

Congratulations Allie! Amazing effort xx


Sarah Slattery

Good luck Als! Xx


Ari, Ango & Gigi



Kamal Singh


Alice Burton

Good luck! x


Good Luck Allie!! Xx

Hey Allie All the best with the training and the Marathon- I am so impressed!! Cantoo is a terrific organisation Jacqui xx


Anna And Gilbs

Go Alli!!! You're amazing. Wish we were there to cheer you on. xxxxx



You're amazing. Good luck beautiful lady.


Julie Ma

Congratulations Allie! So proud of you, great job! xx


Natalie Moffett

You go gurl!!! Xxxx


Ali Murphy

You go girl!



Good luck!


Lesley <3

Go like the wind super woman. You're amazing xox


Vincent Parrott



Amy James & Teddy Dampney

Good luck Ally! Amazing effort - maybe some training runs up at Boomies?! xxx


Asha Gajadhar

Go Alice - you will totally smash this! xox


Jillian Lee



Live Love & Love Life! So proud of you gorgeous girl! You are such an inspiration! Good luck with the training xx


Eoin Connolly


Clare Morahan

Good luck Alice... what a great cause xxx


Andrew Da Silva


Bridge, Andy And Soph

Go Al!! Lots of love xx


Sam Northern



You are a star Allie. Tons of love Ouma


Greg Moss

Go get em AG, NY marathon next!! ????????????????????????


Running Brew From North Pod!

Allie am LOVING running with you and getting to know you ... it's a real pleasure. And it's great to see you go from strength to strength in your running ... well done x


Alec Brown

Yew. You'll smash it.


Pip Best

Go get 'em Al!


Steph King

Go Ali!


Jordan & Chlo

You go girl! Xx



You are doing so well! Just paying Coach's pizza money forward :-)

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