Sydney Ocean Swim

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Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Beginners (1km)

8 Week Program
 Balmoral Beach

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Advanced (5km)

6 Week Intensive
 Balmoral, Elouera, Manly

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Meet Your Support Team

Can Too Coach - Qualified & Experienced

Swimming Coach
Qualified & Experienced


Guide group training sessions twice weekly


Share expert advice on swimming technique including stroke correction drills


Support you to achieve your personal fitness goals

Ocean Swim Water Safety Crew

Water Safety Crew
Certified & Supportive


Staffed from local surf clubs at the beaches we train


Support all ocean training sessions to keep groups safe


There whenever you need a helping hand

Ocean Swim Team Captain

Your Team Captain
Leading the Charge


Motivate and support your progress


Provide team updates


Answer questions about program and event day

Ocean Swim Mentor Support

Your Mentor
Supporting Your Journey


Support your fundraising by sharing their experience


Support and motivate you at training sessions


Support the Team Captain through the program

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