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CanToo Training Program 2024

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About this program 

This eight-week swim program is for those who want to train with the CanToo Community and continue to improve their freestyle swimming ability. 

Fundraising is optional for this progam and there is no goal event. There will be no Team Captain or Mentor, just swimming with other CanToo-ers under the guidance of a professional CanToo Coach.

The weekly training sessions are open to swimmers of various abilities, from intermediate to advanced.

This program is perfect for anyone who has just completed a CanToo swim program and wants to keep swimming.

To join this program, you must:

  • Be able to swim 500m freestyle in under 15 minutes
  • Be keen to learn and improve

Training format

You'll train once per week in the pool under the guidance of a qualified, experienced swim coach.

Swim sessions focus on:

  • reinforcing efficient swimming techniques
  • building swim endurance and speed
  • improving cardiovascular fitness


Fundraising for this program is optional, but we thought you might like to get a little head start for your next swim program.

So, if you choose to make a self-donation, or even fundraise, for the Winter Swim Program, you can also choose for those funds to be transferred to your 2025 Summer Ocean Swim Program fundraising target - effectively spreading your Summer Ocean Swim fundraising across winter & summer.

For example, if you make a self-donation of $200, which is the equivalent of $25 for each week of this program, that could be $200 already raised for your 2025 Summer Ocean Swim Program.

And if you choose to fundraise for this program, that can also be transferred to give you a head start for your 2025 Summer Ocean Swim Program when you sign up. You will just need to let your donors know that’s where their donations will be going.

What about if you decide not to participant in the 2025 Summer Ocean Swim program I hear you ask? Well that’s ok, then any donations made during with Winter Swim Program will contribute to your overall fundraising for CanToo so you can continue to support the vital work of Early Career Cancer Researchers.


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Warringah Aquatic Centre - Tuesdays, 7pm
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