Swim Program Update 2022

by Robin Nicholls 06 Oct 2021

It’s that time of year again when the Can Too Community is buzzing with excitement about the upcoming swim program, and for a good reason.   


The Summer Swim Program has long been the feature of the Can Too calendar. We are fortunate enough to have some of the worlds most beautiful beaches right on our doorstep, and heading out in the ocean for a swim can be as good for the mind as it is for the body.   


As part of a supportive and welcoming Can Too program, enjoying the ocean is arguably the best way to start a weekend.   


In previous years, registration for the Summer Swim Program would already be open. However, this year we have had a few additional challenges in planning, so we were forced to delay opening registration until we can be more confident in what we are offering and the restrictions to which we will need to adhere.   


Registration is scheduled to open in October, and at this stage, and we hope to be in the water in November.   


Our first focus when planning any Can Too program is safety. The safety of our participants, coaches, staff and broader community. That approach includes our attempts to minimise the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus.  

As the vaccination rate continues to rise, we will likely learn more about how that will change restrictions and, ultimately, what our swim program will look like.   


Outdoor training group sizes is the first hurdle. Group sizes and the maximum capacity per lane at the pool is another hurdle we will need to clear. At this stage, it is unclear what will be permitted at each location and may vary from one to the next.   


We hope to operate in a similar format to the 2021 Summer swim program, although, perhaps with slightly smaller group sizes.  


We are working with pools and surf clubs to find the best balance between a great Can Too experience and a healthy and safe way to gather. This might mean changes to how we have previously operated, but we intend to retain the fantastic community experience that the Can Too swim program is well known for.   


We want to continue providing a safe and friendly environment through which people discover a love of ocean swimming while raising funds for Australian cancer research.   


We will continue to update the Can Too Community as plans progress for the Summer swim program. Keep an eye on the Can Too Newsletter and our social media pages.