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Alana Black

Alana is the Program & Communications Coordinator for the Can Too Foundation.

A self-proclaimed "reformed couch potato", Alana has now completed 3 half marathons and Team Captained a 10km run with Can Too. Originally from central western NSW, Alana can count on one hand the number of times she's been to the beach, but this summer she is training for her first ever ocean swim with Can Too!

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Barefoot Bowls Fundraising Event

by Alana Black 02 Nov 2017

Barefoot Bowls afternoons are a fun way to raise money with your friends. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and family or even competing with your work colleagues over a few drinks!

How does the event work?

  • Players form teams that compete against each other;
  • Some bowls clubs may require the organiser to become a member, such as Waverton Bowling Club which charges $10 per the calendar year;
  • Ask participants to make a donation in order to participate in the event.

How long should the event go for?

2 to 3 hours. Too long, people tend to get restless or bored. Any less, they may feel they haven’t had value for money. A Sunday afternoon between 3 and 6 pm works well.

How much should I charge for the event?

Your aim is to have none or as little outlay as possible then full proceeds go to Can Too. It is common to ask $25 per person. Consider your venue costs – e.g. Waverton Bowling Club charges between $10 and $12 per person to bowl and they can fit 56 people on a green. You cannot BYO BBQ or alcohol.


  • People are more likely to show up when they have pre-paid and you will have a better idea of final numbers prior to the event
  • They are also more likely to buy raffle tickets and make extra donations
  • Offer an incentive for pre-payment such as a discount, e.g. pay $20 before the night or $25 on the door. You could also discount if people organize a table of 8 or 10 and pre-pay in bulk.

Consider having a raffle or auction on the day so you can maximize your money-making!

  • When people have pre-paid they are more likely to buy raffle tickets (they don’t feel as if they are paying out more money)
  • Offer 3 tickets for $5 or 7 for $10 - This ensures maximum uptake of raffle tickets and makes people feel as if they are getting a lot for their money.
  • Remember people are attending to support you and Can Too. The prizes don’t have to be high-value Prizes – You can award prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, wooden spoon! (Prizes can be as little as a bag of mixed mini chocolates – people just love to win something)

How to get started

6 weeks before:

  • Book the place and date
  • Start emailing friends and family to save the date
  • Make an event on facebook to invite all your friends
  • Make an event on Can Too Facebook page inviting everyone

2 weeks before:

  • Email or FB again, saying “Hurry only a few places left” giving it some urgency to encourage people to sign up
  • Remind friends of the incentive to pre-pay
  • Ask a couple of friends to help you on the day
  • Speak to local butcher/liquor shop to ask for prize donation

1 week before:

  • Email / FB with “Last chance to pre-pay” with the cut-off date! Update on prize on offer
  •  Reconfirm with bowls club
  •  If you are holding a raffle, you will need a raffle book
  • Pick up Can Too banner/ brochures from Can Too office


  •  Pick up donated prize/s
  • Have a float for the raffle and “at the door” payments


Thank everyone for attending telling them how much you raised!!

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