Can Too Foundation are the Principle Partner of Cure Cancer

Getting involved in Can Too isn’t just good for you…it’s good for cancer research too!

Can Too donates 50% of our operating profit from existing and new pods to lifesaving cancer research via our Principal Partner, Cure Cancer.

With the support of Can Too, Cure Cancer funds crucial research grants for early-career researchers working across all cancers and all areas of cancer research. 

In today's research environment, funding is incredibly tight, meaning grants are few and far between. The majority are awarded to scientists who have a proven track record of results, so very few grants are available to young researchers. This has led to potentially lifesaving research from incredibly talented young minds going unexplored. 

Can Too and Cure Cancer are committed to changing that.

By signing up to train with Can Too, you’ll be joining our mission to make this the last generation to die from cancer.


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Pictured above:Dr Angelica Merlot (Pathways to a pancreatic cancer solution )(left) and Dr Fernando Fonseca Guimaraes (Strengthening immunotherapy to fight 'natural killers') (right)