Stevie Bladen

SMH Half Marathon 2019

Hi all, thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I'm supporting cancer research and prevention with Can Too Foundation.

We all know someone who has either battled cancer or has had a loved one who battled cancer. The facts are that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 

I am raising valuable funds that go towards innovation in the prevention, care, and control of cancer by running the Sydney Morning Herald half-marathon on 19 May 2019. Getting up at 5:30am on Wednesdays and Saturdays to train (despite hating mornings and loving my Saturday sleep in) are small sacrifices in support of those who fight a much harder health battle. 

Can Too Foundation have trained over 15,000 participants and raised over $20,000,000 to invest in 158 one-year cancer research grants... I will be honoured to do my part in keeping these numbers growing! 

It would be fantastic if you could sponsor me as I take on this challenge... even $10 is a step closer towards my goal of $1350.  

Thank you in advance for your support! smile

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stevie Bladen


Ben Van Kampen

Good luck!!! :)))


Raelene Turton

Go Girl! 💕


Timothy Langereis

Break a leg!!


Tanya Turner

Go Stevie!!!


Georgie Flanagan + Ben Jones

Best of luck Stevie! Xx


Janine Jewell

Great cause and a big commitment! Well done and hope it goes well! The Jewells xx


Janet’s Rogers


Harriet Turner

Good luck Stevie! So proud of you! Xxx


Sueanne Bladen


Mark Ledwidge

Go for Gold girl


Dan Towning

Good luck Stevie!


Grace Crawford-smith

Go Stevie! So excited for you doing your first half and can’t wait to run together !! Already loving it xx


Kyle Turton

Run Forrest run 🥇


Taylor Bladen

Good work stevits


Nick Cowburn


Wensy Ng

GOOD LUCK STEVIE! So proud of you - go smash it yahoo


Brandon Turton


Stevie Bladen

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