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Queenstown Marathon 2022

Marathon effort to help beat cancer

While the world has been busy facing up to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer has been working away under the radar doing its nasty job of wrecking families.

One person is diagnosed with cancer every four minutes in Australia.

But cancer does not need to be a death sentence.

One in three cancers is lifestyle related. We each have the power to change our own lifestyles if we choose. And due to great strides in medical research in recent years, survival rates from cancer have improved from 48% to 68%.

I’ve decided to shake off two years of lockdown laziness and general idleness to raise money for cancer research by running the Queenstown Marathon.

I’m proud to be training with Can Too, which brings together everyday people to do amazing things - like raising over $24 million for the research, prevention, care and control of cancer.

Can Too has invested in 188 cancer researchers so far. Please help ensure this valuable work can continue by supporting cancer research. You can donate to Can Too on my fundraising page Can Too Foundation - martin wallace.

By doing so you could be protecting your own future or the welfare of someone very close to you.

Together we are stronger. We CAN beat cancer!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Rory Cash

Go Martin


Martin Wallace



Go Martin. Stoked you're lacing up and having another crack. Always up for a slow long run too, mate.


Gregory Spears

Good onya Martin! Go fast, minimise the pain.



So impressive Martin!


Nicki Drinkwater


Marjorie Medenilla

Thank you for raising money for a great cause.


Gurpreet Sra


Jeannette Mcloughlin

Champion effort, Martin!