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SMH Half Marathon 2019

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Thank you for sponsoring me

Huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. We're over halfway through the program now and it's been brilliant. Thanks for helping me better the lives of those / chance of those living with cancer.

I'm supporting cancer research and prevention with Can Too Foundation.

Hello friends (probably family),

After years of being out run by my family and being mega unfit I decided it was time to get back on the horse. I’ve known about Cantoo since it first started in 2005 and it has only taken me 14 years to sign up.

Cantoo is a wonderful cause which raises money for cancer research. In 1980 there was a 49% 5 year survival rate and today it looks more like 69%. We are catching up and it’s due to the money people like you donate.

Anything you can donate to help me make a difference to a cause which has and will affect every single one of us in some form would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll also get to see my tomato red face.


Thank you <3

Thank you to my Sponsors


Oliver Williams


Christopher Crawford

Well done my friend.


Mum & Mark

You can do it my beauty. Looking forward to celebrating with you at the end.


Georgia Williams



Very proud of you Maesie for taking up this challenge. Hope to run the next one with you. Good luck, and enjoy x



Good luck! x


Julia Cody

Well done that girl!


Camilla And Penelope Gainsford

Goooooooo Maes!!!


Tracy Garthwaite

Good luck, I take my hat off to you. Tracy xx


Celine Gregory

Maes, you can absolutely do this, keep up the training, that is key. Hope you are blessed with a lovely running buddie like I was. Cx👯‍♀️


Lachlan Oldfield

You go girl ❤️❤️


Lizzie Stephens

Run for the hills Moon!


Alex Mcinnes

Go Maes!!!


Jennifer Williams

Running love from Lolli and Pop


Victoria Williams

Go Maesie!!!!


Georgia Langham

Run bitch run!


Gee Walsh

Proud of You


Nicky & Ben

Good Luck Maesie! I have no doubt you will be awesome 🏆


Emma Jane Nedov

Go Maes!


Inez Ritchie

You’ll smash it lady!! Good luck!


Maesie Harris

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