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Blackmores Half Marathon 2018

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Running a Half Marathon in support of finding a cure

It is that time again for me to drag my body off the lounge and I have registered for the Half Marathon in September. 

Once again I will be doing this through Cantoo to raise awareness and funds for Cure Cancer Australia in support of Cancer Research.   

This is a fantastic cause and we need to find a Cure for this disease that is affecting so many we know.  Particularly Brain Cancer where we are not close to finding a treatment or solution. 

If you would like to support this cause feel free to enrol in the cantoo program. .   Why should I be the only unfit person in pain or you can donate via this page.  All funds go direct to support Cancer Research.    

Can Too have trained over 13,500 participants, raised over $18,000,000 to support 147 one-year cancer research grants through Cure Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW.

It would be fantastic if you could sponsor me, or even better join me in a program!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Glenn Clay


Jacqueline Sherlock


Annie Crawford

Congrats Glenn. Great to see you back in the fold


Ross Clay

Well done Glenn. Your commitment to Cancer research is great!!! Hope the body holds up!! Rosco


The Staff At Cafe Nico.

Full, half or imaginary marathon. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Go get 'em, Mr Clay!


Christopher Crawford

Go for it Glenn.


Jamie S

Go Glenn & Seta!!! Amazing people for an amazing cause :)


Tania Britton

Go you!!!!!


Kerry S


Todd Kardash

Make sure you make it and don't let everyone down


Michael Coorey

Awesome goal Glenn! All the best with your training and the run!


Amanda Levine

Go well Glenn!


Helen O'connor

Go Glenn


Swati Singh

Awesome, keep up the good work 😊👍


Elizabeth Reed

I am so proud of you, Glenn, beloved son-in-law. You are helping to make this a better world by contributing money and effort to such a worthy cause. People like you are why cancer research is making such strides. Thank you, you’re a legend. 🤗👍


Neil Watson

To go faster pretend Ann is chasing you......


Amy Zecca

Go Glenn!


Nicole West

Run Glen run! good work


Fiona Shaw


Annette Miranda

You will be in the lead😄


Fiona Nakat

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