Mongolia Challenge

Can Too Adventure Challenge

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Trek Dates
26 Jun - 7 Jul 2022



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Challenge Highlights

  • Join Can Too team captain Annie Crawford on the Mongolia Challenge
  • Learn first hand the history and cultural diversity of Western Mongolia - home to Tuvans, Kazakhs, Uriankhai and Oirat Mongolians
  • Camp in the open steppe and Altai Mountains, fully supported
  • Trek through the Tavan Bogd National Park, part of the Altai Mountains
  • Cycle into the heart of Mongolia and meet the ethnic nomads
  • Ride Mongolian horses for a day with herdsmen - optional


This challenge journeys to a group of snow capped mountains called "Tavan Bogd", literally meaning "The Five Holy". They are the highest in Mongolia, belonging to a greater mountain range known as the "Altai". Views are dominated by vast glaciers, fast mountain rivers and lush alpine pastures where flocks of yaks, goats and sheep graze. The culture of herding nomads here is authentic and rich. Geographically, this is the most remote part of Mongolia with true pristine nature, abundant wildlife and interesting cultural heritage. The area is also known as a treasure trove of human history with many ancient burials and rock art to explore.

Challenge Grade

The challenge is graded moderate to challenging. We therefore advise that any physical training you complete before undertaking the trip will be to good effect. In preparation for your trip you should be doing at least one hour of good cardiovascular exercise, 3 - 5 times per week for approximately 3 months prior to your trip. Remember the fitter you are the more enjoyable your experience will be.