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Can Too Training Program 2022

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Become A 10km Surf Ski Paddler

... and help us beat cancer!

About this program

This 10-week surf ski program will teach you the basics of surf ski paddling and aim to have you ready for a 10km surf ski paddle event inside Sydney Harbour on December 18th.

Learn in a fun, safe and supportive environment under the guidance of a professional surf ski coach. 

Whether you have paddled before or this is your very first time, this program is about learning the right paddle stroke, so you become a more efficient and stronger paddler.  

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your surf ski for your leg length
  • Launch into the water correctly
  • Paddle with the right posture
  • Remount back onto your surf ski
  • Paddle with torso rotation to use your bigger muscle groups and generate more power and more boat speed.  

Included in your registration fee is:

  • Professional coaching
  • High-end surf ski and paddle
  • Life jacket
  • All admin costs.  


Training format

This is a comprehensive program with two coached group sessions per week. All group sessions are led by a supportive, experienced surf ski coach. 

There are a range of class types and times to suit everyone's ability and schedules. However, everyone will start in the Learn The Basics class. 

Learn The Basics classes are a maximum of five paddlers and one coach, with people from Can Too and Sydney Harbour Surf Club. Here, you will learn the early stage skills that will help you to enjoy surf ski paddling for years to come. 

When you are ready, you can progress to the Flow classes which will focus more on gaining efficiency through refined technique. 

Can Too training will be a part of the Sydney Harbour Surf Club training schedule, as such, other members of the Club may be in your class. 

Surf ski paddling is a full body workout, where you can increase your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. Sitting up with great posture will ensure that each paddle session you are building your abdominal strength. 


All funds raised help Can Too fund early-career cancer researchers. Since 2005 the Can Too Community has raised more than $25,000,000 and funded 202 cancer research projects. 

By raising $895 you will meet your minimum fundraising commitment and become a Fundraising Star.

If you go above and beyond, you could become a Silver Fundraising Star ($1100) or even a Gold Fundraising Star ($1350).

We have Fundraising Ideas and support available to make your fundraising experience easier. 

Session availability



Click to view local session times.

Location Availability
Mosman Join the waitlist
Rose Bay Join the waitlist

Level 1 – Learn the Basics classes run: 

Rose Bay Clubhouse
Wednesdays and Fridays 5:50am, 6:50am and 8:30am
Saturdays there is an 8:30am
Sundays 30min private lessons are available
Mosman Clubhouse
Mondays and Wednesdays 8:15am
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:40am, 6:40am
Saturdays 8:30am
Sunday 9am

$650 value for only $300!


Regular Cost for 20 Sessions

No extra fees for entry into training venues


No extra fees for training hat & rashie

Online Yoga

No extra fees for follow-at-home videos


What's a life-changing experience worth?

Help fund lifesaving cancer research

... common fundraising questions.

What is Bronze level fundraising?

By raising $895 you will meet your minimum fundraising commitment and become a Fundraising Star.

If you go above and beyond, you could become a Silver Fundraising Star ($1100) or even a Gold Fundraising Star ($1350)

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes, you have to fundraise in return for your 14 week coached training program. Don’t let that worry you too much, we’ve been doing this since 2005 so we have plenty of resources available to help you achieve your fundraising goal. Plus, you’ll have a Team Captain and Mentor/s to guide you through. The best approach is to have a plan and to start early.

Where does the money go?

When you fundraise for Can Too Foundation, you're fundraising for Australian cancer research and prevention. We focus on investing in early career cancer researchers across all cancer types.Can Too Foundation funded 11 researchers in 2020 and funded a further 11 researchers in 2021. As a registered charity, we will always be careful with every single dollar we spend and completely transparent in our reporting.

What if I don't meet my commitment?

Can Too has been teaching people to run and raise funds for cancer research for sixteen years. We know that you’ll do everything you can to fundraise for Australia's most promising cancer research projects and we’ll help you every step of the way. If, due to personal circumstances, you feel you can’t meet your commitment, please contact us. Participants who don’t contact us and do not meet their commitment will not be permitted to register for a future Can Too program.  

How long do I have to fundraise?

The good news is that you have until 30 days after your program finishes to meet your commitment to cancer research and prevention. You'll have an active fundraising page from the moment you sign up, so our suggestion is sign up early!

Can I train at both locations?

Yes – You can book your training sessions via the SHSC app where you can select either location.

Will training session be exclusive to Can Tooers?

No – There will be some SHSC members in your training pod.

I don’t have my own equipment, surf ski, life jacket etc. Can I still take part?

All equipment, including surf ski, life jacket and paddle are included. So yes, you can take part!

Do I have to attend the same class each week?

No, you can select the class that suits your schedule. You can even switch between locations whenever you choose.

We recommend booking in to your next class at least a week in advance to ensure you get your first preference.

I’ve never tried surf ski paddling, am I just going to fall in the water?

You’ll probably get wet, but the coaches will take you through the basics and ensure you understand the skills needed from day one.

Is there a goal event? What is it?

Yes! On the 18th December you can take part in a 10km paddle race hosted by SHSC. The event takes part within Sydney harbour, so it will be flat water for the whole event.

Will I be paddling through waves?

No. The training locations are at Rose Bay and The Spit and all training is completed in calm water, within the Harbour.


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