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Great Ocean Road Half Marathon 2019

14 Weeks Group Training.

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Become An 'Ultra Half' Marathoner

... and help us beat cancer.

Train twice per week in a 14 week program preparing runners for Great Ocean Road Half Marathon (at 23km we call it an 'Ultra Half').

Can Too is a community committed to fundraising for life-saving cancer research and prevention programs.

We're big on support, which is why we:

  • Employ qualified and experienced half marathon coaches
  • Recruit volunteer leaders dedicated to your local group
  • Work hard behind the scenes to make your experience SO good you'll want to tell everybody about it!

If you're concerned about your ability, please contact us, we'd love to help you set a suitable goal.

We also train for SMH Half Marathon (a standard distance half marathon).

Mid-week/skills clinics.

Typically 60mins training:

  • Learn how to run more efficiently
  • Learn proper breathing techniques
  • Improve core strength
  • Learn about injury prevention
  • Hear from guest speakers

Weekend/distance runs.

Starting 30min (max 4km) run/walk:

  • Build endurance
  • Improve mental focus
  • Work on pacing and race strategy
  • Focus on running form


No Risk, Massive Rewards.

We stand by the quality of our experiences. If this is the first time you've signed up for Can Too, and you give us a fair go (by attending four of the first six sessions) and genuinely don't enjoy it — we’ll refund your registration fee.

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Unlock Over $400 Of Value

... and a first timer guarantee.


We pay qualified running coaches.

Venue Fees

We pay athletics venue hire costs.

Online Yoga

YOGAHOLICS provide follow-at-home videos.


Cream for relief of aches and pains.


Bath salts to speed up recovery.

$ Priceless
Warm / Fuzzies

We can't price a life-changing experience.

Training Starts In

We Provide Tools & Support

... so you can make a difference.

record_voice_over people group_add

Team Capt.

There for advice, support, and encouragement.


Past fundraisers recruited to support you.


Local advice from fellow fundraisers.

ballot contact_mail contact_support


Practical how-to's learning from our best fundraisers.


Easy-to-use templates help you seek support.


We're all active Can Too fundraisers, just like you.

'The Annie Effect'

Special offer — 40% off when registering.

In this intensely personal memoir, Can Too founder Annie Crawford AM tells her own life story and how her experiences and beliefs led her to a life that gave her a sense of purpose, turning her love of running into an organisation that's transformed thousands of lives.

100% of profits support cancer prevention.

We  Great Ocean Road

... and you will too!

One of Australia’s greatest, and most unique, making it a runner’s bucket list event - with the quirk of an unusual 23km 'ultra' half marathon.

With something for everyone it's easy to make it a weekend away, with family and friends running or cheerleading for other runners across the weekend.

Great Ocean Road is different to city running festivals, offering unique experiences that you won't get at Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, Melbourne Marathon, or Gold Coast Marathon.

You will get country hospitality by the bucket-load, a course that takes in the magnificent views of the Southern Ocean, the chance to spot koalas along the way, and run the most iconic stretch of road in Australia that most people rarely get a chance to drive along in a car.

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Question? Let's chat.

All our staff are regulars in our programs. We all started as beginners, faced the same challenges as you, and are here to share our experiences and advice.

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