Can Too Strength & Cardio Virtual Program

Can Too Training Program 2020

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Train at Home!

... and help us beat cancer!

About this program

Get strong for your next Can Too goal event!

Join a Can Too pod – we can train together virtually so we are ready and stronger than ever for our next Can Too goal event. 

This program is for anyone wanting to improve (or maintain) their strength and fitness within a fun and friendly online group. It's perfect for runners and swimmers, which you can do at home, with no special equipment.

Groups sizes are kept small, to ensure you have a personal connection with your inspiring Can Too Coach, supportive Team Captain and training group.

In those crucial first weeks you’ll rely on your support crew a lot: to keep you positive; keep you laughing; keep you moving.

Goal Challenge

The Strength and Cardio Virtual Program is like no other Can Too program. You can make this program your own, with the ability to define your own Goal Challenge.

Your Goal Challenge may be to do 20 push-ups on your toes, to hold a plank for two minutes or to increase your strength and flexibility so you’re ready for your next Can Too run or swim program!

You don’t need to define your Goal Challenge in the first week. If you’re not sure what your challenge will be, your coach can help you set a goal during the program.

Training format

You'll receive two new sessions each week via a Facebook video with experienced, positive and inspiring Can Too Coach Presenter Sally Lynch.

  • 1 x 45min cardio fitness session and
  • 1 x 45min strength session (focusing on slow repetitions and using your own bodyweight). 

This program will be done in a small pod, with a private Facebook group which is suitable for beginners through to advanced levels.

Strength and cardio training includes:

  • Improving flexibility, core strength and muscle tone
  • Learning proper breathing techniques, how to warm up and cool down
  • Understanding injury prevention
  • Building endurance 

Your Can Too Coach will provide two phone consultations over the course of the 10 weeks, to ensure you’re motivated and on track. You can also choose your own goal challenge in consultation with your coach.

Recurring Donations

We are offering the option to make a $27.50 donation each week for ten weeks from a nominated PayPal account.

Many have suggested this would help reach their fundraising target. 

Please sign up as usual and then come back and hit subscribe. 

Ten Weekly Donations of $27.50

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Pod Start Date Coach Team Captain Availability
1 6th April Sally Lynch  Angie Stevenson Closed
2 20th April Melinda Cockshutt Michael Daley Closed
3 4th May  Beth Croft Kieren Gallagher Open

Help fund lifesaving cancer research

... common fundraising questions.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes, you have to fundraise in return for your training program. Don’t let that worry you too much, we’ve been doing this since 2005 so we have plenty of resources available to help you achieve your fundraising goal. Plus, you’ll have a Team Captain to guide you through. The best approach is to have a plan and to start early.

Where does the money go?

When you fundraise for the Can Too Foundation, you're supporting a passionate Registered Charity who are fundraising for Australian cancer research and prevention. We focus on investing in early career cancer researchers across all cancer types.

In FY18/19, for every dollar we received:

65% goes to cancer research

22% goes to cancer prevention

13% goes to general admin.

What if I don't meet my commitment?

Can Too has been teaching people to swim, run and raise funds for cancer research for fifteen years. We know that if you put your mind to it and work hard you CAN TOO help fund Australia's most promising cancer research projects. You have until 30 days after the end of your program to meet your commitment, and we continue working with you until options are exhausted.

How long do I have to fundraise?

The good news is that you have until 30 days after your program finishes to meet your commitment to cancer research and prevention. You'll have an active fundraising page from the moment you sign up, so our suggestion is sign up early!


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