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Register for the Can200 Challenge for your chance to win an Apple Watch SE (valued at $499), one of three $100 Rebel Sport vouchers or one of two $100 CatFish Designs vouchers.

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Get involved, get creative and get active! 

... and help us beat cancer!

How does the challenge work?

Can200 is a self-defined challenge to achieve 200 ‘somethings’ within 30 days. It’s a chance to push yourself to stay active, stay engaged and form some healthy habits.

The 200 could be a time, distance or number of times you’ve completed your chosen action.

For example, you might choose to run, cycle or swim 200 minutes. You might decide to do 200 push-ups a day for the whole 30 days or learn 200 words of a foreign language.

The challenge is yours to make as easy or difficult as you wish, and we encourage creativity.

You don’t need to do the whole 200 in one day. Instead, you have 30 days to complete your challenge so that multiple small achievements can become one larger one.

A goal without a plan is just a dream, so take some time to break down your large goal into smaller, more manageable chunks. Also, remember to plan a few rest days, as we don’t want you to overexercise and risk an injury.

Win an Apple Watch SE

Win an Apple Watch, $100 Rebel Sport Voucher or $100 CatFish Designs voucher.

To be eligible to win a prize, simply register for the Can200 Challenge and raise $200 for Can Too. Prizes will be drawn at random. 

A unique fundraising page will be created when you register. You can then customise your page to tell people about your Can200 Challenge and why you’ve chosen your goal.

Remember to use #CAN200 in social posts to stay engaged with the Can200 Challenge community.

Help us beat cancer

By raising funds for Can Too through the Can200 Challenge you will be helping us beat cancer. 

You’re welcome to take part in the Can200 Challenge without fundraising. However, if you raise $200 or more, you’ll be eligible to win an Apple Watch SE, a Rebel Sport voucher or a CatFish Designs voucher. When you register, you will also receive a code to access 20% off Catfish Designs for the duration of the challenge.

Any funds raised during the Can200 Challenge will help fund Australian cancer researchers.

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You are what funds research

... the most frequent questions.

Do I have to fundraise?

You’re welcome to take part in the Can200 Challenge without fundraising. However, if you raise $200 or more, you’ll be eligible to win an Apple Watch SE, a Rebel Sport voucher or a CatFish Designs voucher.

Who can join the Can200 Challenge?

Anyone! The challenge is your own, so choose a challenge that is appropriate for you and your abilities.

How do I enter the draw to win a prize?

Simply register for the Can200 Challenge and raise $200 for Australian cancer research with Can Too. The winners will be drawn at random 15 October 2021.


What is Can Too?

Can Too is a health promotion organisation with a commitment to funding Australian cancer research. Since 2003 we’ve offered professionally coached training programs for endurance events such as Marathons, Half Marathons and ocean swim events. Participants in those programs have raised over $24 million and helped fund nearly 200 cancer research projects.

How do I track my progress towards my goal?

That really depends on what your goal is, but there are some great platforms available to help you track physical activities, such as:

  • Strava
  • MapMyRun
  • FitBit
  • Apple Health
  • Garmin Connect

If your challenge is not a physical goal, we recommend keeping a written record of your progress. Keep that record somewhere that you’ll see it each day, to help keep you on track to your goal.


I’m still not sure how to set my goal? 

Everyone has different interests, goals, fitness levels, and abilities, so think of something you enjoy doing or could benefit from doing more frequently.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

  • Run/Walk/Swim/Meditate a total of 200 minutes
  • Cycle a total of 200km
  • Knit a 200cm scarf
  • Do 200 starjumps/push-ups/sit-ups a day
  • Read 200 pages of a book
  • Walk 200 laps of your driveway

Can Too is a health promotion organisation, so we’d love for you to choose a goal to promote good physical or mental health.


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