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Run. Give. Get. Blackmores 2018.

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Run Your Own Way.
You don't want a training program but you still want to be a part of Can Too.


Give Back To Your Community.
Fundraise for Australian cancer research and prevention programs.


Get Race Entry Reimbursed.
You want to get your race entry reimbursed once you fundraise at least $500.

There are now TWO options to officially join Can Too at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival:

  1. Can Too Training: join a coached training program and get all the amazing benefits in return for fundraising (doesn't include race entry).
  2. Run. Give. Get: follow your own training program and get your race entry reimbursed once you fundraise a minimum of $500.

Your continued support is crucial to continue funding Australia's most promising cancer research as we race toward $20 million fundraised and 15,000 participants trained since 2005. 

How to get your race entry reimbursed:

  • Register for Run. Give. Get.
  • Register for your chosen race on the Blackmores website
  • Fundraise at least $500 in Run. Give. Get. on the Can Too website
  • Email us your race entry to have it reimbursed.

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Run. Give. Get.

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