Balmoral 5km Swim 2019

6 Week Ocean Swim Intensive.

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Become A Half-Marathon Swimmer

... and help us beat cancer.

Designed for confident ocean swimmers looking to reach the next level goal: 5km open water, the half marathon of swims!

After a very successful pilot last summer, this six week intensive training program has been expanded to two locations, training for the Balmoral 5km Swim for Cancer 2019.

As an intensive program, safety is paramount, and there are some simple conditions when joining to make sure the group has proper supervision during some very long training swims in the ocean.

You join this program must be able to:

  • Complete a 1km pool swim at 2:00/100m pace; and
  • Complete the Macquarie Big Swim (2.7km) or similar difficulty ocean swim race.

All registrations require coach approval.

Mid-week/pool sessions.

These sessions focus on:

  • Reinforcing efficient swimming techniques
  • Building swim endurance and speed
  • Practicing ocean swim techniques
  • Improving stroke correction

Saturdays/ocean sessions.

These sessions focus on:

  • Identifying changing ocean conditions – waves, rips, tides, sand banks, etc
  • Reinforcing how to enter and exit the water safely
  • Increasing your swim distance in the ocean under supervision
  • Applying advanced surf skills and using the ocean to your advantage

— Locations —

 Bondi Beach

ALERT: Opens Mon 7 Jan 2019!



 Monte College Pool

20 Spaces

 Sans Souci Pool

20 Spaces

Minimum Experience

required to join this program.




Pool swimming

at 2:00/100m pace.




Ocean swimming

race completed.

$120 Rego = $314 Value

... and free race day celebrations cool


We employ experienced swim coaches.

Pool Fees

We pay your pool entry fees.


We provide swimming costumes.

Online Yoga

YOGAHOLICS provide follow-at-home videos.


Cream for relief of aches and pains.

$ Priceless
Warm / Fuzzies

We can't price a life-changing experience.

Registrations Open In

We Provide Tools & Support

... so you can make a difference.

record_voice_over people group_add

Team Capt.

There for advice, support, and encouragement.


Past fundraisers recruited to support you.


Local advice from fellow fundraisers.

ballot contact_mail contact_support


Practical how-to's learning from our best fundraisers.


Easy-to-use templates help you seek support.


We're all active Can Too fundraisers, just like you.

'The Annie Effect'

Special offer — 40% off when registering.

In this intensely personal memoir, Can Too founder Annie Crawford AM tells her own life story and how her experiences and beliefs led her to a life that gave her a sense of purpose, turning her love of running into an organisation that's transformed thousands of lives.

100% of profits support cancer prevention.

We  Balmoral Swim

... and you will too!

Last summer we trialled a 5km half marathon open water swim intensive — with outstanding success!!!

Balmoral 5km Swim for Cancer is an amazing double-loop of the sheltered inner harbour Balmoral Beach limited to 200 swimmers making this an extra special opportunity.

As a "half marathon" swim you'll be pushing yourself further than the vast majority of races in the summer swim calendar.

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All our staff are regulars in our programs. We all started as beginners, faced the same challenges as you, and are here to share our experiences and advice.

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