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Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

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Professionally coached programs promote healthy lifestyles and aid in reducing the risk of one-third of cancers which are lifestyle-related.

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$129,795 Fundraised

Fundraising commitments foster a culture of philanthropy and mutual support where all our participants are passionate about giving back.

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Cancer Research

Cancer Research

1 Researcher

Pod Sponsors are passionate philanthropists who leverage a $10,000 donation to Can Too to raise up to $50,000 for cancer research.

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A/Prof Megan Hitchins

Our first researcher – and a breakthrough

Our inaugural program raised $103,937 training for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2005, which continues to be one of our flagship programs.

That first group directly funded the work of early-career cancer researcher Dr Megan Hitchins. Now an Associate Professor at Stanford University in California, Megan co-led a study in 2011 that found a genetic mutation responsible for making people susceptible to colorectal, bowel and other cancers. This breakthrough may help families at risk of hereditary cancers, and potentially allow treatment to switch back on a vital anticancer gene identified through the breakthrough.

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